Spencer Kane Interview

Get to know Spencer Kane! 
The sixteen year old guy shares about life on tour, his new music, and gives advice to girls.

 (UPDATE: Check out his latest interview in The Royalty Issue!)

About The Music...

Crown of Beauty: Tell us about your soon to be released, new single, “Don’t Switch It Up"! What inspired the song?  

Whenever I choose to write a song, it's usually inspired by a few things. First of all, it is something I've either experienced or have learned from fans or people that share their stories with me. Second, I always try to write about hope.

So in my new song I'm working on in the studio right now, "Don't Switch It Up", I chose to actually write about something that bothers me as a teen guy hoping to date the right girl some day.

I have seen girls change who they are on the outside, with their conversations, who they hang out with, or even their interests, because of a guy. In a few cases, that happened t me. A girl I was interested in was trying to be something she really wasn't just because I'm Spencer Kane.

I say that in all humility because I'm not really anything but a teen guy who is a singer. But some girls see me differently and try to be something different than who they were when we met. I mean, they don't need to act more religious or stop being who they really are just because they want to hang out with me.

I mean, I won't change being who I am for a girl just because I like her. I won't stop playing X-box or watching sports, playing sports, constantly laughing and trying to make people laugh, or switch my music preferences, and stuff. I certainly won't stop being committed to purity before marriage. I won't avoid my family just to be with them. I am a family kind of guy and like hanging with my parents for fun.

I just think girls are so distracted by fitting in and having to look a certain way and talk a certain way, because of their friends or what TV or celebrities say, that it's basically like they are being fake. Like once I've gotten to really know some girls in the past, they weren't at all who they are in public around friends and stuff. It's just sad.

So I wrote this song not to judge them or say they are stupid for doing it, but to let them know that they don't need to change (switch it up) for a guy or their peer group, or because a TV show or reality star says or does something. There is a verse in the song that says, "A guy with a 'heaven' mind won't ask you to change." 

That's basically encouraging her to wait for the right guy. A guy who knows God, and understands that who God made her to be is more important than what any guy wants her to be.

Crown of Beauty: What’s the motivation behind your music?

Well, because I'm not a traditional Christian artist, but more of an artist who is a Christian,
I don't write music or perform music that is trying to convert people to follow God. I am more motivated by writing music with a message of hope and encouragement to the listener.
My lyrics deal a lot with the life of a teen and stuff they deal with, and I use my own faith values to share a positive message of hope, that they can make it through tough times or that they have purpose in life, or that a relationship can be different than what their friends are doing.

Crown of Beauty: What’s your favorite part about being on the iShine Tour?

Spencer: I would say traveling is cool, and seeing the reactions of fans when I perform is also cool. I think just experiencing life on the road has been exciting.

Crown of Beauty: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on the iShine Tour?

Spencer: We went to In and Out Burger twice within three hours because the food was so good, and the first time it was kind of cold. So, yeah, getting fast food in Texas at 9:30pm (the cold sandwiches), and again at like midnight so it could be hot, was pretty funny. And having this huge tour bus pull into the parking lot, and we all piled out of the tour bus and ran in to eat, was pretty funny to see.

Advice For Girls...

Crown of Beauty: Do you think it’s a good idea for guys and girls to be “just friends” before diving headfirst into a boy-friend/girl-friend relationship? (And why or why not?) 

It's funny you asked this, because my first ever single, BEST FRIENDS, is exactly about that. It's about avoiding the drama or seriousness of relationships and just choosing to be BEST FRIENDS.

I know it's like a label, but it's funny how the label "
boyfriend" or "girlfriend" really changes things. I had to stop dating a girl once because the label of "boyfriend" meant something different to her than it did to me. I honestly think until the label is husband or wife, you're always just best friends.

In fact, the only difference I've seen with the labels being in place is that it somehow puts pressure on both of you to act all serious and stuff. I don't do physical making out and so (for me) being friends is the same as dating, in my opinion.
I guess peer pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend is what makes it so important to a lot of my friends and younger kids.

I used to laugh at the amount of friends that would be dating someone one day and then have a big fight and break up, and then make up and then cheat and stuff. It's like so much drama and it's just stupid.

Don't get me wrong, I like knowing a girl likes me or wants to hang out with me, but in most cases, friends get weird and sometimes it causes fights because you're dating someone that someone else liked and stuff. My parents have told me it can be like practicing divorce when you're young. And honestly, with the hurt feelings and anger that happens with some friends I've watched, it seems like they are divorcing someone.

Crown of Beauty: What would you tell a girl who believed she needed a boyfriend to be happy?

This is a great question and one that I actually tell a lot of fans that talk to me. I always say that no person can make you be anything. Happiness is not something someone gives you, it's something you choose to be.

It's like I can be upset at someone because of their actions or words toward me, but whether I choose to believe them or let them affect me, is all up to me. The same with happiness and a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're not already happy with yourself or life, no person is going to cause that. You can enjoy someone or feel accepted in your peer group, but honestly, I think happiness is more about our relationship with God and our family sometimes. 

A lot of girls have sad home life situations and think a boyfriend will help them escape that. A lot of times the boy ends up disappointing them and they feel worse about themselves.

So that's something I also see in a girl. If she's not already happy and content with herself, then I actually don't find her to be someone I would consider dating. It's like a self-esteem thing. She doesn't have to be arrogant, but she really needs to be someone that doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy in her life. That's basically what I look for in a girl.

Crown of Beauty: Most teen magazines for girls are packed full of advice about how to snatch their dream dude. What would you tell a girl who wants to be beautiful and attractive to guys?

I actually get asked this question more than you think. I think sometimes it's from a girl fan who wants to know if she can be Mrs. Kane some day. LOL. 

But really, for me, what I find most attractive is her clear commitment to loving God first.
I honestly don't care for religious girls who are like constantly trying to walk on water, so to speak. I think it's awesome if a girl shares that she prays for people or her own situations, and that she relies on God to help her make choices and decisions. That's the best thing about a girl.

Aside from that, I have my own visual likes in a girl (hair color, eyes, smile, etc.) that are things I find make her beautiful on the outside, but that's just something different for every guy, I think.

So it's not like her clothes style or hair style have to be something specific for the dream guy to notice her. I think her sense of humor and ability to enjoy life is very attractive. I mean, if she's able to laugh at herself when she messes up or if she obviously cares about her parents, friends, other people with respect, that means a lot to me.

The last thing is probably a big one too, and that's where girls cut themselves down. "I'm ugly, I'm fat, I'm not that smart," that is a huge turn off for me. I think a girl needs to really focus on being someone she respects herself, before any guy will ever respect her and treat her right.

And a lot of girls have asked me if I think they are pretty. First of all, that's soooo hard to respond to because what I think is pretty isn't necessarily what some other guy may like. I also think it's so sad that a girl doesn't know if she is or not. Some of the prettiest girls on the outside are honestly disgusting to me because of their conversation or personality.

Some of the most amazing and attractive personalities I've met aren't necessarily the beauty pageant types on the outside. So I think if girls trust God to show them who they are, the right guy will see that and be attracted to it.

Crown of Beauty: If you could tell every girl in the world one thing, what would it be?

Listen to my music. Ha ha. Just kidding. I would think it would be that no matter what others say about them, God loves them and cares about them more than any guy will ever care. I actually say this to girl fans all the time when they talk to me about being bullied or guys rejecting them. I feel awkward most of the time because who am I to give them advice? But I guess God leads them to talk to me, so I just share what is the only thing I know to say to someone I don't really know that well yet.

                                         About The Guy...

Crown of Beauty: With such a busy tour schedule, how do you find time to spend with God and read your Bible?

Well, that's a tough question, because I think most Christians have a tradition of what that means and how it's supposed to look. Going to church and being taught is how most Christians would probably say they spend time with God or learn from the Bible. I actually pray anytime I want, and have Bible conversations with my parents and some friends whenever possible.

I'm not very disciplined at reading daily, so I can't say there is a pattern to it for me. I actually hate reading unless I absolutely have to for school, so you probably busted me on a weakness I have. I am working on that though, as much as I hate reading books. I'd rather watch it or listen to it honestly, so that's something I'm also trying to do.

Crown of Beauty: Your life has changed a lot in the past year. Do you have moments when you think, "Is this real? Is this really my life?"

Wow. Your questions are pretty great. Actually, yes. The past two years have been quite different for me. I have always been an athlete in baseball and basketball, so it's been a hard transition to walk away from what I've done all my life to pursue something I've just started doing and taking more seriously. It's exciting and fun, but being completely honest, it just seems like a different part of my normal life of traveling or doing things that involve a lot of commitment. I've done travel sports since I was seven, and so having to spend so much time practicing or being involved in music isn't that much different than what I've always done for sports.

But what is probably the most amazing part is reading fan mail or seeing fan videos. Knowing that people are affected so much by something I wrote on a piece of paper and practiced singing in my living room is probably the part that is so humbling. I've had several emails and messages from kids and parents that tell me how one song I wrote has changed their life. That is something I could have never believed possible, and that's what probably makes it seem like, "Is this really happening?"

Crown of Beauty: You are living your dreams, going on tour, meeting your fans, yet when you get back home to Indiana you're just like any other guy! Do your friends treat you differently because of your success?

I feel just like any other guy when I'm touring too, but obviously people I see on tour don't see it that way sometimes. I have some close friends that are happy for me and joke with me about being some kind of star when we hang out. Some friends never talk about it and act like it doesn't even exist, and others actually still mock me and make fun of it because they don't get it.

I'm from a small town and most kids in our town aren't involved in stuff like this so it makes me a target for some kids.

I understand this is part of the process and most artists have gone through it from people in their hometown. I guess being home is normal for me and some of my friends, but it's also odd at times because meeting other artists in the industry and kids from other parts of the world and country has shown me that I am different and it's ok.

Crown of Beauty: If you could record with anyone, what would your dream collaboration be?

Spencer: Simple. TobyMac or Lecrae. No hesitation there. 

         Five Favorites...

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Song: Changes every week, but right now it's probably Like Me or Not - Ryan Beatty.

Favorite Book of the Bible: Matthew, because of seeing Jesus' earthly ministry.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Xbox and hanging with friends

Spencer's Advice For Future Recording Artists:

Never give up. If it means enough to you, other people's opinions or rejection shouldn't stop you. But sometimes it's not the career for some people, and there are experts along the way so you can avoid kidding yourself. Like if you can't play an instrument or your voice can't stay in key when you sing, you probably should either get a lot of lessons first or find some other interest.   

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