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What can we say? We L-O-V-E our email subscribers! We're so humbled by the fact that you care enough about what we have to say, that you've trusted us with your email address and asked to be notified about all our exciting updates! Whether you've been following and supporting us for years, or are just hopping on the band-wagon today, we want to say THANK YOU with this fun giveaway! 

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A $25 Amazon Gift Card! You can use this card to spend on anything you like from! Books, movies, music, and so much more! 

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Usually our writers, guest writers, and staff members are not allowed to enter giveaways, but this time they are! So go on sisters, and enter away! :)

Deadline: Wednesday, Oct 19th.  

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Our newest book will be sure to encourage you in your relationship with Christ, reminding you of your royal identity in Him! Have you read Secrets of Royalty yet?

If so, post a review on our official Amazon page! If you haven't, for only $14.99 on Amazon or $9.99 on Kindle, this fictional story and daily devotional (two-in-one!) is a must have for every teen girl! 

We want to offer a special incentive for our readers to purchase Secrets of Royalty this week. It's the only time that your name will go into the drawing for this gift card, when you post your review on Amazon! ;)

If you don't have the book yet, but are planning on getting it soon, post a blurb on our Amazon page about how excited you are to read it, what you thought of the sample chapter, why you love Crown of Beauty, or something along those lines. 

The most important thing is that you write a review or fun little blurb on our Amazon page. This is the key to entering! :)  

3. let us know that you ACCOMPLISHED the first two steps!  

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