Summer Fashion Extravaganza!

Goodbye math tests and textbooks...hello summer sunshine, lemonade, and lazy afternoons at the pool! Summer has arrived and we're so excited to share some of our favorite summer fashions. 

Lazy Summer Afternoon

Some of my favorite summertime activities are blowing bubbles, drinking lemonade, and eating watermelon. Check out these darling sets inspired by summertime fun!

Beach Style

Modest Swimwear Advice

Poolside or beachside, how can a girl dress modestly in the summertime? Bikini's show off too much cleavage for comfort, yet so many one-piece items look like something your Grandma would wear.
Is it possible to be modest and adorable at the same time?
Of course!

The surfer chick look is so easy to pull off, and really fun! It covers enough coverage to be comfortable, and cool.

If this look doesn't appeal to you, check out some of the adorable swimwear below from YesStyle! I love these because they're modest, adorable, and affordable. Seriously, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on swimwear? These are only $25.00!  

Which is your favorite?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you're wearing this summer!  

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