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I had the distinct honor of reading and reviewing author Nicole Sager's newest novel, The Retrievers: Valley of The Roden, and I always feel so blessed to share great reads with you all.

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A race of miniature humans called to a faith of tremendous size.

When the royal family of the Roden tribe of Minatchi vanishes without a trace, only Delia is left to wear the crown. Deaf since the age of three the princess prepares for a difficult reign, only to watch as her coronation day is turned into one of catastrophe.

When the tribe of Minatchi disappears like their royals before, Fetch - a Bengal Retriever - faces a choice that will confront everything he knows and force him to evaluate a faith he never truly embraced.

When matters quickly escalate beyond their control, the joined forces of a few will be stretched beyond their limitations, tribal loyalties, and even the border of the valley they call home.

What lies beyond is more than a land of giants and untested danger...

Destiny awaits the called.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Retrievers: Valley of The Roden by Nicole Sager was a heartfelt adventure about faith, friendship, and learning how to become who The Creator made you to be. 

Upon reading the first chapter of this non-magical fantasy novel, my initial thought was that the story was reminiscent of The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The book revolved around little people known as Roden, of whom only grew to be 8” tall. Sager’s main stars were an orphan deaf princess, a thief who struggled to understand the difference between being crafty and being wise, and a former royal who was forced into the bondage of the black market. 

In my honest opinion, The Retrievers could easily transition into an animated TV show, one that both young and old could enjoy. 

Sager’s writing was very, VERY clean, which I appreciated while reading, and her faith content was a breath of crisp air. I loved how all of the characters were at differing stages in their walks with God, and that their unique paces both encouraged and exhorted one another. 

The style of this book was also extremely interesting. With the female protagonist, Delia, being deaf, her part of the story was shown through first person. Fetch, or Gavin, the Roden retriever, his piece of the tale was told through third person along with Philipp, the other male main character. I typically don’t like alternating POV’s within separate styles, but for Sager’s story, it really fit.

Though the overall pacing of this novel was slow, the book wasn’t boring in the least. I typically read relatively fast, but with The Retrievers I took my time soaking in the fresh new literary world and the cast of fascinating individuals. 

Out of all the characters, Delia was my personal favorite (though Fetch/Gavin was a close second). It’s incredibly rare to find MC's that are deaf, and I was thoroughly pleased to experience Delia’s journey from believing to be and being treated as incompetent, to blossoming into a leader who’s courage inspired many to also take great leaps of faith. 

Overall, Nicole Sager’s The Retrievers: Valley of The Roden was a sweet, well-written novel and would be perfect for anyone looking for a clean, non-magical fantasy with a dash of faith and a daring chronicle that teaches both character and reader alike to spread their wings and fly. 

*Though this novel upholds as a standalone, there seems to be more books coming in the series, so be on the lookout for those!

~Alexandria Grace

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Nicole Sager is an avid reader and coffee drinker who enjoys writing Inspirational Fantasy set in a medieval-like era.

" I hope my books will encourage families to read together. If read by children, I hope the books broaden your vocabulary just a bit and introduce you to a life of endless possibilities in Christ. If read by adults, I hope you're inspired and encouraged to deepen your relationship with our Savior.

In writing each book, I pray that it will bring honor and glory to God, and that He will use it as a tool to bring at least one person to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ."

Visit Nicole's website and connect with her on Instagram! And if you're interested, you can purchase Nicole's book on Amazon.

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