What is Autumn?

Poem by Alexandria Grace

What is Autumn?

Is it waking up before dawn to dream?

Is it maple-flavored French toast on a big plate or fresh cider donuts in a white box from the shop down the street?

Is it waiting in a mile-long line at Starbucks just for a pumpkin spice latte?

Is it apple picking on acres of farm property?

Is it the hayrides where you hear horse hooves clapping on the dusty ground and children cheering?

Is it looking at an ornate patch for the perfect pumpkin to decorate your dining table?

Is it camping in the woods with a group of friends, roasting s’mores by a crackling fire, and passing around spooky stories in hopes that no one will fall asleep?

Is it thrifting old sweaters at Goodwill, searching for worn blue jeans with rips, or walking around in circles until you find a bushy scarf that can cover your nose?

Is it buying discount candy at Walmart, or purchasing a thousand pairs of knee-high socks to go with the boots you splurged on days prior?

Is it zigzag corn mazes that everyone gets lost inside for hours?

Is it the color changing leaves that fall from age-old trees onto the sidewalk as you trudge home from school?

Is it stressing over English papers by a foggy window pane?

Is it drizzly mornings and damp afternoons?

Is it howling winds that echo on the walls of your house?

Is it thick book reading as glasses slide off your face?

Is it messy poetry on crumpled paper?

Is it mystery novels with crime and cliff hangers?

Is it marathoning classic Disney movies from your coach?

Is it grandma’s hot pie and moist, melty cookies?

Is it soup with steam rolling off of the bowl?

Is it glowing candles or wafting essential oils?

Is it forehead kisses and many unspoken “I Love You” ‘s?

Is it a new destination after years of being nowhere?

Is it seeing the stars disappear from the night sky only to have them show up in someone’s eyes?

Is it the spiderwebs that sit under the office desk?

Is it anxiety fading and coloring with fine-tipped markers and dancing to vintage music?

Is it orange and yellow sunbeams that catapult off the carpet?

Is it honest conversations that run deeper than the darkness that took over long ago?

Is it slow heartbeats and relaxing moments?

Is it the brown acorns that hit you on the head by accident?

Is it jumping in piles of leaves that become portals to a different world?

Is it sugar and spice and everything nice?

Is it just a few months of time or a few months of something more?

Is it imagination? Wonder? Kindness? Hope? Freedom? Is it growing up?

Is it God saying hello, handing us the keys and telling us to go through the door?

Is it us hesitating with our hands on the handle?

What is Autumn?

Poem by Alexandria Grace

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