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When Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song:
A Girl's Guide To Boys

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Publisher's Description:

He's cute, charming, and Taylor Swift's hit song “Love Story” is playing in the background. He's not wearing the vintage Prince Charming outfit, but he might as well be! What's a girl to do?

When Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song, A Girls Guide to Boys offers an alternative view of the flashy world of boys, and the wild dating machine. Read about the Nick Jonas obsession, take a few fun quizzes, and learn more about how guys think! Great advice about crushes, dating, and finding your dream Disney Dude!

This trendy read sounds like a letter from your best friend. Livy's friendly big-sister guide is great for girls of any age who want a fresh perspective about guys, their relationship with God, and how the two topics
fit together!

What are the Critics Saying?

"When I got to the end, my main thought was, “Wow, I wish I would’ve known all this when I was a teen!

In this world where a very different message is pushed on young people, Livy brings an alternative view – one that is fresh and timeless, because it is God’s view. Not only does she bring the point home, but she does it with true wisdom, common sense, humor and a very down-to-earth, relatable style. Young readers will love the quizzes, lists, like “Reasons why boys make fantastic friends,” personal stories and lots of practical advice too.

This e-book is aimed mainly at pre-teens and teens, but I think women of all ages should read it. Mothers of girls who are approaching that age when boys are on the mind can benefit from the Godly wisdom that this book offers. Even older single girls can learn a lot about guarding one’s heart, self-respect and trusting God during those “waiting” years. We know that most women dream about meeting their “prince” but often end up encountering lots of toads.
If that’s you, this little book will encourage and uplift you!"

~Lily at Ashes To Beauty.

"So many young girls today are looking for attention from someone; more than anything, they need to know that they are loved. It's important that we come up with ways of letting them know that God loves them more than they could ever believe possible, and that His love will never disappoint them.

Livy does this with her book, but what makes it special is the fact that Livy, a nineteen year old, is able to speak to girls on their level, using current music, movies, and events to get her message across...

As an adult, even though the information wasn't relevant to me, the words still resonated because I see such a need for young girls to obtain this type of guide. This book is definitely a winner, and I would love to see all the young girls in my life read it. I highly recommend it."

~Salina at Heart Reflected.

"If you have a tween or teen daughter I would highly encourage you to download this e-book. Even though I am out of the dating game I was still able to find this book super relatable to being a wife and mama. Here is why.
Caden is going to learn about the relationship of a husband and wife from myself and Josh. I want to set him up to be as successful as possible."

~Tamara at The Workout Mama.

What are the Girls Saying?

"Thank you Livy for the book! It is great! 

I've already read just about all of it. :) It really applies to my life... most of my friends think they need a  boyfriend to make them happy and "complete" their life.. instead of just worrying about their relationship with God.. so I'm happy their are other girls out there like me.. you are such a inspiration!

Thanks again."

Your sister in Christ~
Haley, 12, North Carolina

"Wow. It was so helpful! I could relate to the situations and you gave really good advice! Thank you so much Livy!"

-Kailee, 15, Illinois.

"I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh at some parts because of how relatable it was.

I really liked the idea of talking to God about your crush just as you would your best friend. All in all I think it is great (especially for girls about 13) and I wish I had something similar to read when I was younger.

Also I thought the drawings were really cute."

-Katie, 16, MI

"I really love this book a lot. I don't know why but what made me want to read this book at first was the title. I thought, 'hmm this is interesting'. As I read further, I really enjoyed reading this book and not only just reading, I learned a lot from it.

I don't think that I'm the only one who read and felt like this, I am very sure that there are many girls out there being encouraged. Thank you, Livy for your book--I really do hope that you would write another book!"

-Bilgae, 16, Mongolia

"I LOVED it!! It was written so well, the illustrations were adorable, and it really hit home. It was so refreshing!

The majority of books I've read before on the subject of boys and dating and whatnot always left me thinking, "Okay, now I need to redo this about myself, and change my hair, and start doing this...."

But not yours. It made me realize how I've been waiting on a guy to fill a spot in my life that only Jesus should take, and that's something that will definitely change.

I feel like every single girl in the entire world should read this! Seriously! You did soooo good. I'm so proud of you! Two thumbs up."

-Alyssa, 18, Illinios  

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