7 Ways This Robot is Going to
Change Your Life 

"Write with the assistance of artificial intelligence."

Sounds a bit like the opening line to a futuristic sci-fi movie, doesn't it?

When I first heard about a "robot to help you write better content", I was incredibly skeptical. Watch this 10-minute demo to see exactly how this robot works.

First of all, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I consider myself a fairly proficient writer. I've published over 7 novels and have years worth of blogging experience. Cranking out content is simply what I do. Words come as naturally as breathing. So, why would I need (or want) help in this area? 

I'll admit, my perspective was a little prideful, but probably very relatable for my fellow writers out there. For anyone who creates content for a living (blogging, affiliate marketing, copy writing, or doing Freelance work), the last thing we want to be told is that a "robot" could assist in our creativity. 

It wasn't until I finally sat down and played around with this AI program, that I found my jaw dropping in astonishment. 

Not only could this writing tool assist me with creating better content, I discovered that I could get my work done at lightening speed.  

am I seriously working with a Robot?

Meet Jasper. Jasper has been assisting me in creating high-quality content. Using Jasper has been life-changing!

It's going to take a few minutes to unpack all of this, but I wanted to share the top 7 Reasons this robot has the potential to change your life and dramatically shift your writing career. 

I'm speaking from personal experience. I've only been using Jasper a short while, and the exciting perks and dramatic improvements already have me wanting to share this tool with everyone! 

Learn how to write with Jasper for free in The Academy. You'll find video tutorials, mini-courses, and articles to help you to write with artificial intelligence.

1. You'll Be Writing Better Content

Pick a category, any category. Blog posts, email sequences, Facebook Ads, product descriptions, S.E.O. pages, Instagram captions…Jasper has a special toolkit to assist with EVERY single one of those things.

My personal favorite component in Jasper’s AI toolbelt?

The Content Improver, the magic editing wand. ;)

Take any piece of content and Jasper will give it a makeover, re-writing it to make it more compelling, interesting, and engaging.

Here’s an example of how it spruced up this bit of copy!

My version:

Get 60 minutes with Victoria and Livy to discuss all your writing, marketing, publishing, and platform building questions!

Jasper’s version:

-Get personalized advice from two publishing professionals

-Get expert feedback on your work

-Learn about the publishing industry and what it takes to be successful

-Get help building a platform and marketing your work

-Get answers to all of your questions!

^Okay, that transformation alone completely blew my mind! Jasper’s simple rewriting of my words made the pitch sound so much more compelling!

2. You'll Be Saving Time

As writers, we all know that working to crank out a steady stream of content is extremely time consuming! But with Jasper, you can get your content written faster and more efficiently.

I absolutely love the Brainstorming section within Jasper! I now have an endless supply of blog post ideas, social media caption inspiration, and an endless list of topics that I can feed to Jasper and work on faster than ever! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, I’m just genuinely excited about this!)

3. you'll Improve Your SEO

For many of us, the uncharted waters of SEO and keyword ranking can feel a bit intimidating…but Jasper has a tool for this as well! By understanding the latest trends and algorithms, Jasper can help you optimize your content and rank higher in search engines.

This is an amazing way to add value to your words, make the most of your time, and add a whole new skill to your toolbelt as a freelance writer!

(Also, I love that each of these systems I’ve mentioned are not separate “Ad Ons” that need to be purchased. It all comes together in one big melting-pot of helpful genius!)

4. You'll Have the Ability to Cross the Language Barrier - Write in Any Language

Gain access to a wide open, global market. Jasper’s artificial intelligence isn’t limited to writing in English. With it’s mind-blowing learning capabilities, Jasper can help you write content in any language.

5. You'll Have the Option to Get Paid for Your Content

Writer, it’s time you got PAID for all of your hard work. (I mean, that’s the dream, isn’t it?)

As a Freelance or Copywriter, this tool will serve to be invaluable, but even if you’re a simple blogger who just wants to have more fun brainstorming new content and writing better articles, Jasper offers a revenue sharing, affiliate program for its members. If you opt in, you can earn money by simply sharing your honest reviews and thoughts about writing with AI!

6. You Can Test Drive for Free

It is a challenge to explain all the fun perks and tools included within Jasper. It truly just has to be opened up and played around with! You can try Jasper for free. Simply sign up for a free account and start writing! Brainstorm new Blog Post ideas, write a novel, or craft some Google Ads – try it all! There’s no risk, and no commitment.

7. You Can Revolutionize Your Writing Career

Using Jasper has truly changed every touchpoint of my career. I can write email sequences with ease. I don’t need to worry about writer’s block or running out of ideas for future posts. I have incredible assistance in creating SEO pages, which can result in more organic traffic, and ultimately, more sales. I can use Jasper to have a faster turnaround time on freelance writing projects and create copy that converts!

Don’t wait any longer to start writing better (and faster!) content. Sign up for Jasper (for free!) today and see the difference that artificial intelligence can make.

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