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Crown of Beauty Magazine is coming to life! The Beauty Issue is going to print in 1 day! On February 27th, we will order our first 1,000 copies of The Beauty Issue.
With a brand new cover and interior design, the first issues will be revealed at our Unfading Beauty event in Laurinburg, NC!  (March 14th & 15th)

You Can Play a Huge Role in This Dream Coming to Life!

We have partnered with Becoming Esther Ministries (an international ministry, founded by nineteen-year-old Kenya Nicole Gosset, one of our main speakers at Unfading Beauty), and will be giving issues to ladies in the Philippines and Africa! As well as locally, in the United States!

Can you imagine the joy your gift will bring to these young women overseas? What must it be like to hold a magazine in your hand, that's power-packed with God's life-changing truth, that has been translated into your own language, in a part of the world where they have so little?

We have several other events in the works, and will continue to tour across the country to share Crown of Beauty Magazine! 

Why Adopt a Magazine?

As a teen, my heart was so disturbed to see many of my close friends fall prey to the lies of our media-saturated culture, which tells them that in order to be beautiful they must measure up to movie-star perfection. This is the message given to us by magazines, TV, and pop-culture. So many girls feel they're ugly, and struggle with eating disorders or self-harm activities. At 19 years of age, I started this magazine with a purpose to share the truth with our girls. God's heart for His daughters is to bestow a Crown of Beauty upon them (Isaiah 62:3), and invite them to see themselves through His eyes; as beautiful, stunning, world changers.

Your Gift Will Give So Much More Than a Magazine...
You'll be bestowing a Crown of Beauty. <3 

Donate today! :) A gift of any size will be greatly appreciated. We can't do this without you!

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