Beauty for Ashes.

by Rachel Pruett

This first lesson was so beautiful.

When Livy said Royalty is our Reality, she was so true. Because sometimes I definitely forget that I am a princess. It does take a mental shift to realize the beauty of it all. But also as princesses, we have to act in a way to glorify our King. I definitely have struggled with that in the past few years of my life. In the past year however, God took a hold of my life. And just like Livy used the Walmart example, I desired to know the TRUTH. In the past few months I have come to know God more than I ever did. The truth set me free. I used to get so distracted (I still do sometimes) on worldly things, that I forgot what really satisfies. One of my favorite quotes is by John Piper, it says, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." When Livy was talking about being satisfied in Jesus she reminded me of this quote. Because we really need to realize that God is the only one that satisfies.

I'm so excited for what God is ALREADY doing in all of our lives. He has brought us together from all over the world for a purpose. He desires to see us grow closer to Him. The mission verse of COB is exactly what I have seen in this magazine. Livy said, "Our job is to tell people the reality of the cross and draw them to Jesus." (maybe not word for word. but something very close to that) I love this. That's why I'm here, because the mission of this magazine is my mission. It's our mission.

Sorry if my post has been a little scattered. There are just so many truths in this lesson. We will never deserve God's love, but that just makes it so much more beautiful. God gave Beauty for our Ashes.

-Rachel P.

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Jan 04, 2014
by: Livy

Wow, I love that quote! That embodies everything that matters in life, bound up into one amazing truth!

He created us because He wants to be with us. He rescued us because He wants to be with us. He purifies us in holiness because He wants to be with us!

So amazing.

Thank you for sharing everything Rachel. I love how you're freely giving to everyone here and being so warm and open with your testimony and heart. God is using you already! <3

Thanks for being such a blessing.


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