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There are so many products on the market, and pages on Pinterest full of tips, that claim to enhance beauty naturally. Do they really work?
Today, I’m going to share four natural products that I have confidence in. I have either used them myself, or have seen others use them, and know that they can moisturize skin, whiten teeth and reduce acne!
Going all natural when it comes to beauty and personal care, is really the way to go! It will help eliminate harmful products from your daily routine.

1. coconut oil!

This oil is now one of the most popular natural beauty products in the market. There is an outstanding number of ways to use coconut oil. Not only is it way healthier than other products out there, but it actually works! What for? I love to use this oil to whiten teeth, moisturize skin, and take off makeup.

2. drink water, girl!

Water is one of the best ways to enhance natural beauty. Drinking more water than other drinks can improve skin, reduce stress, burn fat, and improve muscle.

3. Activated charcoal

You might be wondering if you read that correctly. Yes. Charcoal. I have read from different people that they use activated charcoal to whiten their teeth. I honestly could not believe it….and then I tried it! It does work. Whenever my teeth need a boost, I take one charcoal capsule and brush the charcoal onto my teeth.

NOTE: Make sure you're using activated charcoal, which has been purified and made safe for medicinal purposes. 

4. tea tree oil

This oil works wonders! I first stumbled across it a few years ago when I was looking for a way to remove acne. The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how great it worked (this was before it received all the praise it has now). I later discovered that this oil can do more than remove acne, it can help with dandruff and oily hair (just put a drop or two in your shampoo).

It is very important to take care of our bodies, not just on the outside but also on the inside.

I encourage you to take care of your body and your heart. Make sure you are not losing focus of the inner beauty that matters most!



If you’re anything like me, then you absolutely adore everything about fall and the Autumn season! Pumpkin bread, colorful leaves, and an amazing fall palate. I love the fall beauty trends.
As a beauty vlogger, I’m constantly seeking out any new trends. Today, I’m going to share a few of my tips on how to transition your beauty products and fashion pieces from summer into fall. Let’s begin with makeup.

  1. Lips 

One of the biggest changes in summer to fall makeup is definitely lip color. Summer is full of bright lips while the fall season is more bold, deep, or neutral lips. So if you want to easily transition your current makeup look to be more suitable for fall, I would begin with the lips. 

2. Nails 
Another easy way to transition between seasons is to change the color you wear on your nails. If you want to match more fall attire, then look for a nail polish color that will go well with your favorite fall colors. I personally love wearing bronze and plum colors in fall because they add the perfect warmth to my look.

3. Smells Like November 

If you like wearing body mists, lotions, or perfumes, and want to find a warmer scent for fall, I would recommend laying down the summery scents and picking up a scent that reminds you of autumn. Some scents that are very fall related include: vanilla, apple spice, butterscotch, pumpkin spice, or berries.

4. Layer, Layer, Layer! 

The easiest way to transition into fall with your fashion is to just add layers. Adding scarves, cardigans, boots, tights, or anything like that is an easy way to take your summer wardrobe into fall.

Check out some of our favorites below! :) 

~ Summertime ESSENTIALS ~

 Hey girls! Today I’m going to be sharing some of my beauty and fashion essentials for late spring and early summer. This time of year calls for all the color! I have been experimenting with some new products and bringing back some of my favorites. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorites.

Lip colors are definitely my favorite way to try new colors, I love experimenting and finding that perfect shade. Out of all the lip colors, I have to say pink is my favorite. So when I go shopping for new spring lipsticks and glosses, I am always drawn to pinks.

My all time favorite lipstick shade is “Pinkalicious” by Maybelline (far right).  However, balm stains are huge right now. So I decided to pick up the Covergirl Balm stain in “Blush Twist” and I have to say that I am pleased with this product. Stains are great because you don’t have to re-apply them as much as a lipstick or lipgloss. Since it is a balm stain, it doesn't last as long as some stains, but it is very moisturizing and light-weight.

Another one of my favorite ways to wear color is through nail polishes. I don’t know about you, but I love painting my nails! Recently, I’ve been in love with matte polishes. Not only are they a huge trend right now, they are SO much easier to remove than shimmery polishes.  

 Of course, I love all the pink nail polishes, but warmer weather is a great excuse to go crazy with the colors. Some of my other favorite colors are purple and turquoise.

 My last beauty essential are BOLD eyebrows. There are so many products out for your eyebrows that it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I use makeup specifically for eyebrows, but recently I have been using a simple NYX eye pencil that creates a natural but bold looking brow. I think that defining the eyebrows is great for people that don’t want to wear as much eye shadow during the hot summer months.

Whenever my brows need a little boost, I also use a crème textured liner. If you want to see how I do my eyebrows, go to and click on my Eyebrow Routine. In this video, I show you how I use the different products.

 My fashion essentials for spring are pretty basic and simple. First, I am obsessed with aviator sunglasses. Most aviators fit my face shape, so obviously they are my favorite. But no matter what kind of sunglasses, they are definitely a summer fashion essential.

But I have to say that my biggest Spring obsession is skirts! Whether it’s maxi skirts, skater skirts, or anything in between. I think that skirts are great because they can be dressed up or down. I love pulling off a casual spring/summer look with a skirt because it makes me feel put together. It is also super fun to accessorize with skirts.

 My last fashion favorite would have to be lace tops. To me, lace is a very basic and a classy way to dress up an outfit. There are so many cute lace dresses as well. And what’s nice is that you can find lace in different styles (peplums, tanks, shorts…). One of my favorite ways to wear lace tops is with skirts.

To finish off my Spring/Summer favorites, I have a Bible verse. “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

 I love this verse because we see the beautiful spring flowers and plants, but even in all their beauty, they won’t last forever. The only thing that will stand forever is God. This reminds me to let Christ be the only Rock in my life because nothing else will endure.

I hope you all enjoyed my Spring and Summer Favorites. Let me know what some of YOUR favorites are! You can tweet me your favorites @RachelLaurenYT with #tellbeautyreferee.




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