Shining stars, Cimorelli, share their best advice for girls, talk about their music, and discuss what Disney Princesses they're most like!

Meet Cimorelli!

 Gone are the days of strolling down music row, knocking on every music producer's front door in Nashville. The new way to get discovered? Purchase a webcam, and post a video on YouTube.

YouTube is like the global talent stage at your local country fair. Everyone auditions. You can watch a cute old couple learning to use Skype, three-year-olds jamming on the piano keys, and wannabe boy bands who need haircuts. They're all there... the crazy talented and the not-so-musically gifted. Some audition-ers (Like Justin Bieber) find their voice and take the world by storm. YouTube has given everyone a platform to share what they do with the world. It helps aspiring artists find their fans...without having to jump through hoops in Hollywood.

That's the story of rising girl band, Cimorelli. Meet these six California sweethearts, all sisters, who form the family band, Cimorelli. The girls who have been singing since they were young, wow-ed the world stage with their cover of "Party In the USA," by Miley Cyrus, in 2009. Since that moment, their success has skyrocketed. Millions of fans indulge in the their bubble-gum pop harmonies. Their growing community of fans vote on their favorite YouTube videos, chat on the girls' website, send them fan mail, and enter fun contests for a chance to Skype with the Cim-Ladies themselves.

The Cimorelli sisters are taking their rise to fame very seriously, with the purpose of being good role models always in front of them. The girls offer sisterly advice, Tweet encouraging messages, and hope to be a supportive sister to all the girls who want to join their "CimFam." Check out the video's below, and you'll see why everyone's buzzing about Cimorelli.

I had the honor of Skpying with the Cimorelli sisters. Read on to learn more about their music, read their best advice for girls, and discover what kind of breakfast foods they think they are most like! :)

Cimorelli: ABOUT THE MUSIC...

Crown of Beauty: How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it before?

Cimorelli: Pop with some urban, rock, country, and slight punk influences. With lots of harmonies and lots of soul, and telling the stories of our lives.

Crown of Beauty: You've recently released your new E.P, "Believe It." What message were you hoping to give fans through your E.P?

Cimorelli: In our new E.P we really wanted people to learn a little more about us. "You Got Me Good" is a song that we wrote ourselves, it’s on that E.P. So we wanted them to learn a little bit about us and we wanted them to have fun listening to the songs and feel positive. We wanted to send out a positive message about believing in yourself, because you can’t get anywhere in life if you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you will go nowhere. So that’s what we live out everyday, believing that we can actually make this music career a real thing. That’s driven our career, so that’s something we feel really strongly about, so that’s what we wanted to get across.

Crown of Beauty: You've had some amazing moments in the past year. What's the best thing that happened in the past 12 months? Favorite memories?

Cimorelli: Going to the Teen Choice Awards and being nominated for one. We did two big photo-shoots with the German magazine Bravo. That was really cool because we got to see all our articles in their magazine and that was really awesome.

And, performing at City Walk in L.A. in December was one of the most incredible experiences, because we had tons of fans there, and for us it was just an insane experience. We just realized like, this is real.

Cimorelli: BOY ADVICE...

I asked Christina, the eldest Cimorelli sister, for her best big sister advice when it comes to boys.

Christina says,

"My main advice to girls is to not chase guys because then they will be running away from you. Don’t chase them, be yourself, be confident and they will be attracted to you, then you can just sift through. My other advice is to not be desperate and say, 'Oh no, a guy likes me, must cling to him!'

Many people don't talk about this, like maybe it's too deep or heavy, but to realize that your teenage life, like dating and stuff, that really is laying the foundation for your future marriage... which is your entire life. Teenage years are short, marriage and the rest of your life is long. Why would you want to mess around with this time that is laying the foundation for the rest of your life? I would say, take it more seriously and realize that the choices you make as a teenager really will effect the rest of your life.

So maybe don’t go for a bunch of idiot guys, maybe think it over and spend time getting to know who you are, and what kind of a guy you really need in your life, and what kind you deserve. Take your time, and go give a guy a chance who is really the best.

My third piece of advice would be to give the 'nice guy' a chance. Don’t always just give the 'bad guy' a chance because he’s interesting. Try giving the nice guy a chance. If you don’t want to, just try at least. Then you could say, you gave him one chance, just give him one date. Don’t just turn him down because he’s boring. Just give him one date.

Katherine adds,
"My advice is that you should be really honest with them. When it comes to breaking it off or anything, you don’t have to give them all the gory details of why you don’t like them or whatever. Don’t just run away from the problem. Face them and give them an honest, kind, gentle reason why you don’t think it works, or if you’re just not ready for that. Tell them the truth, but don’t leave them hanging. It may come as a surprise but boys are very sensitive."


The girls sing, they dance, and they also write. If you're looking for a pocket full of sunshine on a cloudy day, reading one of Katherine's uplifting blog posts may be your answer. She paints the world with the colors of her imagination, placing everyday-beautiful beneath a microscope to magnify it all the more. Here's a quote from one of her blog entries:

"I would like you to know that whoever you are, reading this, you have an infinite and precious value that cannot be touched or tainted by this world. I would like you to know that you are so filled with truth and beauty in each crevice and corner of your being, that if you saw yourself as the Creator does, you would weep with joy, and you would regret each hateful thing you have ever thought about yourself."

I asked Katherine where she found the courage to be so positive and uplifting. Was it a book she read that helped change her mind and become more positive? Or was she born with it?

"I was reading in my baby book the other day, actually Dani was reading it to me, and I was born with a smile, I think. But one book that really stood out to me that really taught me a lot, was Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. She talks about celebrating every moment of your life, even just the little mundane things, like a meal, or like dancing with your friends, or driving to the grocery store. I like to make my life like an adventure and make it as fun as I possibly can, by turning up the music and inviting friends along. So I think you have to make all the little things in your life that should be boring, make them fun, and your life will never be boring. Your life will be awesome!"

Lisa adds, "In the end, the little things are the big things."


Scroll through Lisa's Twitter feed, and you'll find yourself smiling at her treasure trove of positive words, small nuggets of wisdom, and her funky, off-beat humor. Her Tweets remind girls to have a positive self image and self-confidence,

"Girls: you are female. You have a BEAUTIFUL body. Don't ever feel like you're not good enough, because you are GORGEOUS :) no exceptions!!!"

But Lisa hasn't always felt this way about herself. I asked her about her journey to believing that she was beautiful. How did she find her self-confidence?

Lisa says:
"That was when I was like seventeen-and-a-half, when things really got bad. I think it was first of all, lots of people intervened and told me like, I needed to start loving myself or I was going to ruin my own life, which helped a lot.
So I thought, "Okay, yeah. Wakeup call."

And then I realized that I had put myself in such a box. I was thinking,

if you're not really skinny, if not lots of boys like you, or if you don't look the way that everyone wants you to look--which, I mean, how would you even know that?---and you're just doomed forever, and I kind of took myself out of that box when I was seventeen-and-a-half.

I realized that you can wear whatever you want, you can hang out with whoever you want to, you can go to bed whenever you want, you don't have to talk to boys all the time, (but) you can if you want to, you can eat whatever you want, say whatever you want and be such a free person. And that really helped me be happy and realize that you can be whatever you want. It doesn't matter if people like it or not or if you are different, that's cool, just be what you wanna be, and don't worry about what everyone else thinks about it.

Then apply that to your body, your personality, and your career and everything. Just be free! Just free yourself, it doesn't matter what people think of you. Just do what feels right for you, and what you want to do, and what you know will make you happy."

Cimorelli: FUN STUFF :)

As passionate as Cimorelli is about spreading their message, they know that having fun is just as important!
Skpying with the Cimorelli girls felt like chilling in a room full of sisters at a sleepover party! Lots of laughter and fun questions sprinkled our conversation. Check out their fun answers to these wacky questions!  

Crown of Beauty:  Which breakfast food would you be and why?

Christina: I would be French toast. Because it’s like sugar and spice.

Katherine: I would probably be Apple Pie oatmeal, because it’s nutritious and delicious.

Lisa: I would be fruit because I eat a lot of fruit. I’m pretty sweet, I don’t really have a lot of sass, and I’m good for you.

Amy: Oatmeal with fruit or something? :)

Lauren: Oatmeal with brown sugar. Just a little bit, because I don’t have a big personality that jumps out at you, I’m kind of more like "chill" and subtle, but sweet.

Dani: I would be like waffles with a lot of toppings.

Crown of Beauty: If you were a Disney Princess, which one would you be?

Christina: I don’t think I’m Cinderella because she’s so quiet. I think probably the girl from Tangled, because she’s pretty strong willed.

Amy: Yeah! She hits people with frying pans.

Katherine: I think I would probably be Snow White because she sings and talks to animals. None of them really match my personality, but I would say probably Snow White.

Lisa: I would be Jasmine, because I like to lounge around the castle all day.

Amy: I feel like I might be like Belle, as far as like she loves to read and goes around singing.

Christina: And if Gaston was chasing her, she would be like, "gasp!"

Lauren: I think I would be Pocahontas, because she’s adventurous and a tomboy, she’s always like out in the woods. I am by myself a lot.

Dani: I would probably be like a mix of people, but maybe a mix of Ariel and Snow White. Snow White because I’m motherly and all that, and Ariel in the way that I’m kind of like sassy.

(Which Disney Princess are you? Take our quiz to find out!)  

Crown of Beauty: If you saw One Direction in the recording studio, who would be the most likely to go screaming and chasing after them?

All: Dani.

Christina: I would hope she would not do that!

Dani: I wouldn't scream and run after them. In my mind I would.

Christina: Hopefully she'd play it cool.

Crown of Beauty: If someone made a movie about your life, what celebrity would play you best?

Christina: From Step up, Jenna Dewan Tatum. I think she would do a really good job playing me. It's not that she looks like me, but I think she could act like me really well. And Christie Carlson Romano, Ren, from Even Stevens, she'd do a really good job playing me too.

Katherine: Well, my personality is really weird, I don't really know who would match it. But in the Princess Diaries, I kind of remind myself of Anne Hathaway's character, Mia. So I feel like she could probably be me.

Lisa: Anne Hathaway could also play me really well. I relate to the girl, not like the frizzy-ness, but the dorky-ness, like falling on the bleachers and being awkward.

Christina: Wait, she would play both of you? Selena Gomez would play a really good Lisa. Her character, Alex, on Wizards of Waverly Place, is almost like Lisa, but she's too bratty.

Amy: Hillary Duff would play me.

Lauren: Probably Miranda Cosgrove. Everyone says I act just like her on iCarly.

Dani: Probably Miley Cyrus.

Lauren: Well, when Miley Cyrus was twelve.

Christina: Or Emma Stone. She could easily play Dani.

Lisa: Dani and Miley Cyrus have like the exact same voice inflections, talking voice, and mannerisms.

Crown of Beauty: If for some crazy reason you girls were not allowed to sing, what careers would you be pursuing?

Christina: I would be pursuing either teaching, a career as a marriage councilor, or a graphics designer. One of those three.

Katherine: I would either be a writer, obviously I love writing, I would probably publish books, children's books especially. Or I would be a teacher because I love kids, I love teaching. Or I would own the best ice cream parlor in the whole world.

Lisa: If I wasn't in our band, I would be like a producer or an arranger. But if I couldn't do anything music related, I would probably own a salon and do people's nails or hair or both. Or makeup. Hair, nails, and/or makeup. I do it all. Not to toot my own horn. :)

Amy: I would be either a journalist, a politician, a news anchor, or I would be an author.

Lauren: I would probably be a graphics designer.

Dani: I've had this planned out since I was very young, like six. Obviously since I'm twelve, I've lived for a long time. ;)
At seventeen I would go to college, I would get a fashion degree and open a fashion company, and design clothes.

Crown of Beauty: You girls are so busy. Do you have any free time? What kinds of activities do you like to do with your friends? Any sleepover party ideas?

Amy: "Well, we do actually have a good bit of free time on the weekend and stuff. And at night on the weekdays. I mean it does get really busy sometimes, so it is hard to relax and stuff. We do get the time in though. It may come as a shock, but I've only had one sleepover party in my almost eighteen years of existing, so I don't really have any sleepover suggestions. What I like to do with my friends is watch movies, show each other videos, talk about everything that exists in the world- like anything ever- we like to go to Starbucks, we just like to do normal girl things."

I asked Lauren how she felt about their "Hannah Montana" lifestyle. Half the time they're performing, having exciting experiences (like going to the Teen Choice Awards!) and the other half is life as usual, at home. Does she wish they could pursue music all the time and become a "full time" star?  

Lauren: Well sometimes I wish I could just work all the time, because work is fun for me, it doesn't feel like work. But then I am the kind of person that needs to be alone a lot of the time and have "me" time. So sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the work stuff, and I want to just chill and be by myself and recharge, and I can't do that. But it's okay because it's not like we're busy all the time or for a long time, or not doing anything for a long time, it's like half and half, so it's a pretty good balance.

I asked Dani for her best summer fashion advice!

Dani: Well, I really just suggest don't try to wear what everyone else wears. And if you see something that you like, just try and pair it with things that you like. Just wear things that you like, and try not to be like everyone else. I like to do that a lot. :)

Amy: Sunscreen is very important!

Dani: Sunburn doesn't look good with anything. ;)

What's Next For Cimorelli?

"We’re working on lots of stuff right now, there’s like three huge projects we’re not allowed to talk about -top secret huge projects- or maybe four top secret huge projects. And then the non-secret huge project is our album, which is being wrapped up right now. We're going in with some more producers soon, getting the finishing touches, to get those last few songs done. We’ve had a lot of ideas lately, so we want to get some more songs on there. We’re gonna have a single coming out soon. We’re always working on videos, so there will always be more videos coming out!"

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