crown of beauty live!

Join Livy and Hope for a fun filled evening as we explore some of our favorite love stories in the Bible!
We'll be diving into the stories of Rebekah, Esther, Ruth, and others!

Grab your Bible, your laptop a cup of tea, and make yourself super cozy! The live chat will be happening right here on this page, at Crown of Beauty!

mark your calendar :)

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Feb 11th at 8:00 EST/ 7:00 Central time!
Share this page with your friends, and invite them to the party! <3

send in your questions!

Do you have questions about boys, dating, waiting, and the whole crazy relationship thing?! Send 'em in! We will be answering your questions live on Thursday! Tweet Crown of Beauty Magazine @FoReVeR_ShineOn  #coblive

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