Daughter of God

by Emma Holmes

Livy, let me start by saying how beautiful that video was. I was very touched by everything I heard and I want to thank you for taking the time to do all of this for us so that we can all learn and grow together!

I was born a member of my church (Latter Day Saint) and have been raised by my parents knowing that I am a Daughter of a very loving God. As a chid my testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ relied mainly on my parents testimony but as I have gotten older I have realized how hard it is to stand up for your beliefs and that unless I have my own solid and strong testimony, that I could be easily tossed about by others opinions.

This last year in Uganda I was taught something I will never forget. In Uganda people talk about God a lot. He is mentioned in everything! Now this isn't something that happens in out first-world countries because its not "politically correct" to mention God when the person next to you might get offended etc. Living in Uganda taught me that mentioning God and his power and mercy and recognizing his hand in my daily life is not something I should hide simply because the world tells me to. Instead I should be open about my Saviour and should share my beliefs just by my attitude and the words I speak.

I love my Saviour. I love how I am working to one day be perfect like him. I love how he loves me even with my imperfections. Through scripture reading, bringing more positivity into my life, and loving those around me more I have come to gain a solid and firm testimony of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

<3 <3 <3

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Sep 12, 2014
by: Ella

Politically correct is so overrated.

Sep 11, 2014
by: Livy

Emma, thank you for sharing your heart with us!
It sounds like the Lord did such an amazing work in you, while you were serving in Africa!
It means a lot to me that you would offer your gifts, service, and time to the Lord through Crown of Beauty. I believe many girls will be blessed by hearing your stories!
Thanks again for sharing. <3

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