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"I spent half an hour or so browsing through all the pages and reading the interviews and advice. I love it. I love the approach you girls have taken in assigning roles (The Big Sister, the go-to girl, the creative/caring heart and fashionista) because at some point all of us wish to have a sister we can run to with a caring heart, or a little sister who can give us fashion advice, or a big sister who tells us that what is happening is normal and gives us a hug and eats cookie dough with us. I have a little girl who is 4-years-old and she is our only child. I know one day she is going to wish she had a little sister to talk to- so I am grateful for girls like you who are building community for girls to come and find sisterhood in and through. Coupled with God's love and grace and a perspective that gives life- instead of stealing it- and you girls have made an amazing site." 

-Jenny Simmons (Christian Recording Artist), lead singer of the band Addison Road

"Thank you so much Crown of Beauty Magazine.You all are such a blessing to so many girls around the world, by breaking stereotypes and giving us freedom to live and except ourselves." 
-Rion Paige (Country Recording Artist) & X-Factor finalist 

"Being a girl who was very confused and sadly mislead by typical “women’s magazines” when I was younger, I can only wish that this magazine or something like it was made available to me then. The magazine addresses the issues we face as women today – wanting to fit in, look cute, be liked, have relationships – but also doing that in an appropriate, Godly, and pure way. There’s plenty of wayward advice floating around, but the truth that rings throughout the Crown of Beauty mag is golden. I know it’s already going to be a blessing to girls everywhere!"

-Melissa, blogger at

"This is a very inspiring, insightful magazine! You will not regret taking time to read go ahead, grab a coffee or your favorite refreshment & enjoy a good read! Then, share it with someone else...a sister, friend, daughter. This magazine is for teen girls but I feel some of the info applies to all of us!"

-Chris A. [Pinetrest follower]

"I just wanted to say that like your magazine it's very encouraging and inspiring :) I can't wait for the next issue !!!!!"

-Chloe Anna [Pinetrest follower]

"OMGosh Livy... are you my twin sister? So much of what you said about yourself is like I thought you were talking about me. That was very weird. But this was so beautiful!!!!!!! It made me feel like a very special girl and I really never thought about myself like that!"

-Kaylee Ann

“Majestic! Moving! Marvelous! Those are three words that come to mind as I reflect back on watching the teen girls not only participate but deeply engage in the ministry time led by Livy, Kenya & Melody from the ministry of “Crown of Beauty” and “Becoming Esther.”  The ingenious “Girl’s Talk” style was more helpful in drawing out the girl’s real questions and also in impressing on their hearts God’s desire for them than a typical “bible study.” This format worked because of these Godly women leaders. The Word is permeated in all they say but more importantly in who they are. The leaders of “Becoming Esther” “shine like stars in a corrupt generation as they hold out the Word of life. Finally, I believe God has raised up these princesses to raise up a remnant of pure princesses For Such A Time As This.” 

-Barbara Ann

I was completely amazed to see the response of the younger ladies in the room. I'm used to seeing younger people think, "that's not for me". But just their presence should have let me know that they are set apart, and if they are not, then they have some praying mothers who are set apart and soaking their children in prayer. It was the most powerful Refreshing Hour [Dream to Destiny Crown of Beauty Event]  I've been to so far... NOT just for me... but for all the lives that were touched.

-Angel S. 

“To me, that weekend meant more than I thought it would. I actually walked away with more than I expected to. It not only showed young girls how to be more confident, but to also look to and trust God in everything. The speakers there were very touching and I could relate to a few situations mentioned. Most of all, I learned to never look down on myself, because being a Child of God, I know that I’m important and beautiful no matter what others may think! ” 

 -Meghan Canady (attended our Unfading Beauty Conference) 

"I''m excited and cannot wait to see the daily posts of Crown of Beauty from Instagram. God bless you more for extending your ministry thru COB, I'm really blessed and encouraged every time I read your online mag!"

-Instagram user @beautyofwaiting128 from the Philippines 

I am so blessed with this site. I can't wait for more. I pray that GOD would lead more girls to this site. Thank you and all the glory goes to GOD.

-Lalynn Joy Wang

"WOW!! Livy, that was just amazing!! I have been told all of my life that I am GOD'S princess and that I am royalty, but sometimes it is really hard to live it out... This was a great breath of fresh air. I find myself looking in the mirror some days & hating what I see. My hair, face, weight, height, and talents may not be what the world says is beautiful, but my Heavenly Father still chose me to be HIS Princess & called me beautiful anyway!! "

-Hannah, Texas

"I don't think that I'm the only one who read and felt like this, I am very sure that there are many girls out there being encouraged. Thank you, Livy for your book--I really do hope that you would write another book!" 

-Bilgae, age 16, Mongolia 

"When I got to the end, my main thought was, “Wow, I wish I would’ve known all this when I was a teen! In this world where a very different message is pushed on young people, Livy brings an alternative view – one that is fresh and timeless, because it is God’s view. Not only does she bring the point home, but she does it with true wisdom, common sense, humor and a very down-to-earth, relatable style. Young readers will love the quizzes, lists, like “Reasons why boys make fantastic friends,” personal stories and lots of practical advice too."

-Lily, blogger at, at Ashes to Beauty Blog

“Like a world full of real life Sleeping Beauty's, we've touched worldly spindles out of curiosity and rebellion, and it's placed us in a deep and fitful sleep.”

"When I read those words, I couldn't help but fall in love with this magazine. It touched my heart in a way few others ever had. It has so much potential, and in a small way, it is so much already. I can't help but wonder how many girls are going to be blessed by this ministry." 

-Anonymous Reader

"I think this event showed young girls that they don't have to sit back and wish they could do something amazing like Livy, they can! God has an awesome plan for every person, all we have to do is be open to Him, embrace what He shows us, and let Him have His way  Sometimes it does take a while for you to know what it is God wants you to do but He will reveal Himself when He wants you to act. I'm believing this truth for my life! I believe our waiting pleases the Father by showing Him our desire for His desire. How wonderful to know our heavenly Daddy promises to reveal His heart to us and allow us to follow after it!"
Candace, attended Dream to Destiny Event 

"This message was something I desperately needed because the Lord opened my eyes to see the disconnect between what I *say* I believe and what I *really* believe. I realized that I've said I believe I'm a princess, that I'm royalty because I'm His daughter. But when it comes down to what I live day in and day out, it's evident that I don't really believe I'm a princess - not in my heart of hearts. Deep down, I *want* to be a princess, to have assurance that I can indeed confidently claim royal blood. But I continue living out of the belief that I'm not worthy, that I'm a fraud, that I'm nothing better than a scullery maid. And on my own, those things are true - I am not worthy of princess-ship, I am a fraud and a scullery maid. BUT that's forgetting the Gospel. The Gospel means that in Jesus, I am no longer unworthy, fake, or invisible. The beauty of the Gospel is that in Jesus, I have worth. In Jesus, I am genuine. In Jesus, I am seen and recognized and loved for who I am, not *because* of who I am, but because of who He is. Thank you for reminding us that we won't always feel royal, and that the enemy hates us because he's afraid of us - afraid of who we are in Christ. That gives me courage to stand brave in my royal identity & purpose when I'm attacked by doubts & fears."

-Kimmy, GA

"I just have to say again: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  This study was a God thing, and your attitude about the whole thing was an eye opener.  You were so peaceful and content.  And you were right!  God had me there because I needed it."
-Ella, MI, attended a Crown of Beauty Bible Study 

"I LOVED it!! It was written so well, the illustrations were adorable, and it really hit home. It was so refreshing! The majority of books I've read before on the subject of boys and dating and whatnot always left me thinking, "Okay, now I need to redo this about myself, and change my hair, and start doing this...." But not yours. It made me realize how I've been waiting on a guy to fill a spot in my life that only Jesus should take, and that's something that will definitely change. I feel like every single girl in the entire world should read this! Seriously! You did soooo good."

-Alyssa, age 18, Illinios  

"Livy, your heart and desire to know and share the love of the Lord is such a beautiful encouraging thing! Thank you for sharing the heart of Crown of Beauty, but also your own heart and testimony of what the Lord has done and will do in your life!" 
-Hannah, Arkansas

“Attending the Becoming Esther/Crown of Beauty Purity conference in North Carolina was incredibly special for me. Being able to watch Kenya-Nicole and Melody pour their hearts out for young ladies and inspire them to Godliness was fulfilling in my life. I’ve watched these two grow into amazing women of God right before my eyes. Their passion to minister life to young ladies and even little girls brought tears of joy to my heart. They are pouring out all that the Lord has poured into them as they have dedicated their lives to serving Him. Meeting Livy and her family was just the icing on the cake. Her visionary spirit was evident in all that she did to organize the Conference as well as be so sensitive in Spirit to lead the ladies that weekend. We all were caught up in His presence in worship, ministry of the Word, and precious fellowship. I was honored to travel with my little sisters and be apart of such an amazing conference.”  

-Melissa Price, California

"I am SO excited that you are following me!!! I LOVE all of your boards too! In fact, they inspired all of mine! I read your online mag and utterly enjoy every bit of it. You have such an AMAZING singing voice too!"" 

-Jessica, Pinetrest & YouTube Follower 

Twitter Testimonies 

"I looked into your mag, and I think it's awesome! You're doing a great job lighting up the world! ;)" @AuthenticKatie

"Love the magazine! I love the whole idea & the variety you have! I know God will continue to use you to be a blessing!" @Princessleah573

"Thank you for giving girls a positive magazine to read rather than the typical "5 ways to be pretty!" magazine" @mleher101

"I absolutely love reading Crown of Beauty Magazine's posts! They speak to me so much!" @andiwood52

"All of your posts are such a blessing to me :) <3 Thank you so much. " @MeagenNic007

"I just read a bit of this magazine and I am so happy that I can connect with many believers! (: Thank you so much!" @gracieloo531

"Thanks so much for your website! It makes me feel good about myself!" @beautyworldtips

"i love your magazine! it has so much helpful and practical advice for teen girls!" @WaitingForBoaz8

"What beautiful hearts for God! God bless you, girls and keep shining for Him. <3" @elainag313

"Thankful to Crown of Beauty Magazine for my beauty and modest fashion magazine  :-) I love it!" @faithangel3

"Wow, you people are amazing...totally made my day. :)" @Hagrids_Hair 

"Thank you for all the encouragement you bring to this world! <3" @kaylahooley

"Just found you! I love teaching girls about inner beauty and you are doing it perfectly!" @PowerofOneGirl

"I love it! That was exactly what I was needing. :D" @Andrea_GodGirl

"God is moving in a great and mighty way through Crown of Beauty. So thankful to be apart of this beautiful movement!" @passion_4purity

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