Dreamer :)

by Emma

I love dreaming about my future! Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to have a 5 and 10 year plan...one for education and one for personal. This really helped me because I always had a "path" or a "plan" to follow which made it easier for me to make decisions and to know which direction to go.

My dream life in 10 years...I would be turning 28 years old! I really want to have a family by then. For me, raising a family is my main priority. I want to marry a loving, caring Man who loves God and of course love me :) I want us to raise our children to love and know God together.

In 10 years I would love to have a nice long list of places I have travelled...definitely want to have been to France, England and South America!

I want to be completely finished with my formal education (of course I never want to "stop" learning) I hope to have my Early Childhood Diploma, have my Aesthetician certificate and possibly be running a home - run preschool :)

Really I just want to be Emma. I hope that throughout the years that no matter what happens I will ALWAYS remain true to my self and continue being a faithful member of Gods family.

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Sep 16, 2014
by: Livy

Emma, I love your dreams!
They are so unique-ly you.
I also love how most of our dreams involve being a wife & mother...that is such an intrinsic desire planted there by God. It will be beautiful to see it unfold in His perfect timing.

Sep 15, 2014
Me too!!!
by: Ella

My only dream is to be a wife and mother!!!
And I love how you put that, about blossoming among briars. Beautiful. You're a gifted writer.

Sep 15, 2014
by: HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7}

I love those dreams... I think most young ladies have that same desire: to be a mother and raise a family. I think GOD places that longing inside of us. But some people think it's silly to make that your dream, but it's not!! I find it wonderful to see such a sweetly inspirational dream budding amid the briars of our confused world. Keep on blossoming!! ~~ Blessings

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