Finding Value

by Natalie
(Hannibal, MO)

we're classy and stuff :)

we're classy and stuff :)

I suppose this message is hard for me to relate to for one reason. It's sort of trivial(and a quirk about me), but I rarely remember the movies I've seen. My friends quote movies all the time and know who starred in what, and about 90% of the time I have no idea what they're talking about. Sadly this also encompasses Disney movies, and it's just not something I've ever related to because it wasn't a part of my childhood.

I did, however, want the attention, the clothes, the looks, the outward things that society values to be beautiful. I never felt I had them. I was too curvy, I was too shy, not flirty and fun, and boys didn't notice me. This made me sad, but it was then that I clung to Jesus and knew that He valued me whether I had those things or not. This is the thing I took from the message. The immense value He gives me, so valuable that He gave His life for an eternity of my company. It's mindblowing.

I also identified with something in part 2 - Livy said that even if you get to marry a wonderful, godly man, there is still something in you that no human can satisfy. I never thought that would be true, but being married 10 months, I can say with certainty that it is. It's like I want my husband to fulfill all my needs, and sometimes, even when we're having a great day together, I feel a weird emptiness. It's because my husband is not perfect, and neither am I. We let each other down. If you place your hope in a man, you will be disappointed. Jesus is not just a man, He is God and He redeemed our souls. What more can we want?

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Jan 04, 2014
From the Disney Girl :)
by: Livy

Hahaha, Natalie I think that's a good problem to have! Not remembering movies could be a major blessing. There are things that I've seen and heard, sometimes I wish I could block out because it's so deceptive. It's so important to guard our gates (eyes and heart), and sounds like the Lord's grace for you to do that is awesome!

Well girl, if you don't know that much about the Disney Princesses, you will by the time this training is over! Hahaha.

And I love your story. I believe a lot of girls will be encouraged by your testimony of clinging to Him and finding your true value when you were a teen. That's what it's all about.

Oh, and thanks for digesting the lesson even though it might not have related to you directly at where you are in life. It's great that you still sat through it to hear our heart and know where Crown of Beauty is coming from. :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about sounds crazy coming from a married woman, but it's so true. Only Jesus can truly satisfy our every need!

God bless you, sis!
Oh, and BTW, you and your husband are adorable! :)

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