First(and only, haha) attempt

by Ella
(Bliss, MI, USA)

"You know, Aurora," Cinderella said fondly, "they designed the Disney Land castle after the one Charmont had built for me for our honeymoon."
The two princesses were strolling leisurely along a back-path of Disney Land, CA, along with Snow White. Aurora and Snow White had been begging Cinderella to come for ages, and now that Cinderella's little Prince Loyal was old enough for her to leave him she gladly accepted the invitation.
In between her two friends, Snow have a skip of maidenly pleasure and squeezed their hands.
"My Braveheart is planning something splendid for our honeymoon, but he won't tell me what it is!"
Aurora just smiled and thought of the lovely cottage where she and Phillip had stayed.

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