God's Will Is My Dream.

by Kate Mull
(Winona Lake, IN, USA)

I first want to mention that I think Livy's dreams are AMAZING and her vision for the future of Crown of Beauty is spectacular. I'm so glad that God has given her these goals and expectations. All the best to Crown of Beauty as a whole, no matter how long I stay in touch or not!

I'm trying to leave the specifics open to the Big Man upstairs, but here are some things I'd like to do someday soon:

1) Graduate college
2) Be fluent in French and Spanish
3) Keep learning languages!
4) Serve and pour into others routinely in some organized part of my life, at all times.
5) Get married to the man that God has created, chosen, and shaped for me, and be completely supporting/working in coordination with him in his career/field.
6) Adopt a child (or two or three or more!)
7) Be working for a company or organization that I am passionate about.
8) Living in a foreign country, or at least doing extensive work abroad.
9) MOST IMPORTANTLY be living in line with God's Word and His will for my life.

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Sep 16, 2014
Thanks for Sharing sis
by: Jessica


I love that you are so passionate about living the abundant life God desired and created you to live. The goals you have are absolutely mind blowing. I pray and hope that your dreams will come true in the future-and you should know that the Lord is already working within you to fulfill those dreams.

Reach for the stars Kate!!! :)


Sep 16, 2014
Love It!
by: Livy

I absolutely love it! It's so much fun hearing all of your dreams. I love that God has planted such unique things inside of each of us. <3

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