Guess who - princess style!

by Jaye

Here it goes!:) Ive only been to Disney once years ago, and I don't remember too much except it was freezing and there were some delicious churros! Haha I hope you enjoy!

Laughter and shrieks of joy filled the air as families explored the magnificent parks of Disneyland. The sun was shining brightly in the sky and the park was alive with colour. Ariel tucked her shining red hair behind her ear and adjusted the sleeve of her baby blue dress. She had just finished signing an autograph for an adorable little girl named Lacey, when a pair of white satin gloves covered her eyes. She immediately recognized the hushed laughter of Belle and Aurora, and she bit back a smile.

"Guess who?" A deep voice asked.

Ariel almost laughed at Aurora's attempt at a mans voice and decided to play a joke on her. "Prince Phillip? Is that you?"

The gloves hands flew from her eyes as a loud gasp ripped through the air. Ariel turned to face her friends and saw that Aurora was upset. "I'm sorry Aurora, I was only kidding. I knew it was you the whole time!"

Aurora smiled and lightly smacked Ariel's arm. "What gave it away? Bella said my voice was very convincing!" Her tone turned accusatory at the end and Belle sheepishly smiled.

Ariel laughed at the pair and they looked at her. "It might have convinced me - if you two hadn't been giggled the entire time!"
Belle and Aurora looked guiltily at Ariel and she shook her head. "So why are you two here anyways?"

Belle spoke up. "It's break time silly! We came to get you because we had a feeling you'd forget!"

Now it was Ariel's turn to look guilty. "Oh! Is it that time already? Well let's not waste anymore time then, I'm starving!"
She looped her arms through her friends and they skipped off in the direction of the churro cart - their favourite break time snack.

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Sep 09, 2014
by: Livy

Great job! This is so adorable! I love it. :)
I think it's so fun how everyone can be given the same basic scenario, and our brains come up with totally different ideas and stories.
Just shows how unique we all are! :)

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