HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7}

by Hannah Wilson

I just let myself go & write until I found a bit of a storyline... Hope it's sounds okay! :)

"Look out!!!" Merida shouted, swiftly pulling Belle out of the way of a large stone fountain.
Belle was so absorbed in a book, she hadn't seen the obstacle ahead.
They were walking along a cobblestone path, on their way to the castle. Merida had startled her so much, she had nearly dropped the precious book into the water.
Rapunzel stood just behind the others, giggling uncontrollably.
"Thanks, Merida," Belle sighed, "I didn't see that coming..."
"Yeah, I knoooow!!" Merida chortled, "Belle's a booookwoooormm!!!"
Along with her obnoxious laughter, she made such a ridiculous face, the other two had to laugh along with her.
"What is your book about, Belle?" Rapunzel asked, curiously peering over her friend's shoulder.
"Oh, it's wonderful!!" Belle exclaimed, "A princess is trapped in a tower, guarded by a horrid fire-breathing dragon. She knows she can never escape and is sure she is lost forever."
"Ooooohh!!" Rapunzel squealed, opening her eyes wide. Merida even raised her eyebrows in interest. Belle knew she had captured her friends' attention, so she continued.
"But unbeknownst to the princess, in a far away land there was a prince who heard of her misfortune, and made it his life's goal to rescue her-"
"-Did he give that beastie what for?!" Merida cried, swinging her fists in the air, enthusiastically.
"-Or did the princess have really REALLY long hair and climbed down when the dragon was asleep?" Rapunzel suggested, giggling all the time.
"No..." Belle replied, "he was badly wounded and the princess saw him fall."
The young girls were silent for a moment.
"Dead?" Rapunzel gasped, horrified.
"What a lousy end!!" Merida grumbled, obviously disgusted, "I don't like that story."
"But it's not over!" Belle smiled, "He fell, but quickly recovered himself and defeated the dragon then and there!"
"So...It all turned out all right in the end?" Rapunzel asked, holding her breath.
"Yes. All of the greatest stories turn out right in the end," Belle said, smiling softly.
Merida nodded her head, slowly.
"I like this story..."

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Sep 09, 2014
To: Livy
by: HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7}

Oh my goodness... You ladies are so sweet!! I kinda wnt to cry now. LOL! I am so thankful that encouragement! Praise GOD. :)

Sep 09, 2014
by: Livy

Hannah, this was supurb! I love the shadow-type pointing to the Cross. It's so amazing that you even thought to blend that into a silly ole' princess story. You are deff talented!
Ella is right...we've found a writer! :D

Sep 09, 2014
To: Ella
by: HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7}

Aw... Thank you!! Yeah, I kinda rushed it & didn't polish it like I would normally do. I was just writing pretty much my first draft. And about the Greatest Story Ever; all good stories reflect it in some way or another... I think that's what makes them beautiful.
Thanks again! That made my writer's heart happy. :)

Sep 09, 2014
by: Ella

I love it!!! That was so cool. You should go on and fancy it up.... don't make it short on our account! I love how you mixed the actual Disney princesses with the Greatest Story Ever. Livy, I think we found a writer!! XD

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