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by Hannah Wilson

"I've got a dream, I've got a dream! I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!!" --Rapunzel

Livy!! That was so amazing!! I abosolutely needed to hear that!! I LOVE your dreams... (And I'm slowly beginning to think one of my new dreams is to become a part of this wonderderful ministry!!)
But here are my crazy dreams:
In 10 years I dream of being on the Best-Seller's List...
I will be somone's favorite author,
go to book-signings,
meet new people,
and be a light everywhere I go.
I dream of recording an album & writing my own songs.
I dream of meeting all of my favorite musicians.
I dream of speaking/sharing in Christian conferences, and sharing my heart with hundreds of people.
I dream of having a Blog that has a million followers.
I dream of visiting Kenya every year on mission trips to minister to orphans.
I dream of traveling the world. I dream of changing the world & people seeing Jesus when they see me.
But I also dream of marrying the one-and-only man GOD has set aside for me & having a beautiful life together.
Pretty big dreams, huh? ;)

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Sep 12, 2014
To: Livy
by: HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7}

Thanks, Livy!! I like how you show the dreaming side and the practical side to all of these situations... I will certainly push myself to work harder & pray more over each of these things. For instance, with the singing, I am working on truly opening up when I sing with the praise team at church. For my writing, I am preparing to go to college for an English degree. And for the husband thing, I am trying to become the person that GOD wants me to be, so I can meet the man GOD wants me to meet... Haha! But I see areas I still need to work on in the other categories. ;)
And heck, yeah!! I would LOVE to take a trip with COB to Kenya!! That would be the coolest thing ever!!
And with the whole conference thing... I'm not really sure where that came from?? The idea just popped into my head when you were sharing about your hopes for the Magazine!! It was really strange... Haha!! Maybe we could plan for an event like that sometime!! It would be super cool. ;)

Sep 12, 2014
by: Livy

Hannah, I love your dreams! Ahh! Seriously, it made me so excited just reading over them! Haha :)

I would encourage you to take your list, and go one step even further.
Grab a notebook, and copy down your list of dreams, then beside each dream, write down one practical action step that you can take toward seeing these things come to pass.

So for example, ask yourself, "Okay, what am I going to do to become the best possible author I can be?" That step might be working on your current novel, doing a blog post, thinking up ways/doing research on how to gain a following, or just free writing for fun. Getting a good following now
Do this with every item on your list. If you can't think of something for a certain goal write PRAY next to it, and just bathe it in prayer.
(Like with the husband thing for example...haha)

When you're finished, you can spend the next weeks and months going over your list, doing the steps, as quickly or as slowly as you want...switching up the steps, and doing new things here and there, to pursue those goals.
You will be taking steps forward! And perhaps the most powerful thing is praying over these dreams everyday and speaking life over them! :)

P.S. Can I go to Kenya with you?! I so want to go to Africa! Maybe someday we can take a Crown of Beauty Mission Trip, and the whole team can go there together! Wow, wouldn't that be incredible?

P.S.S. I love that you want to speak/sing/share at conferences. We should start praying about you speaking at a Crown of B conference! Maybe we could do one down in Texas, or you could fly up to our next one in GA. (Whenever that is lol)

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