by Katie Hakes
(Pennsylvania )

Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm recently 18 and a college student at Cairn University. I am the eldest of three siblings and the only girl. I run a small blog through Wordpress where I talk about my faith and Disney! Two of my greatest loves.

I love to write, it's the reason why I'm an English major, and I love to read. I'll read anything I can get my hands on but, I do have a soft spot for princesses. 😉My favorite Disney princess is Ariel because I love her sense of adventure and curiosity but I love them all.

I'm so excited to be here and to gain this experience! I am so excited to start making a difference in girls life and finding a new outlet to share the love of Christ.

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Oct 25, 2016
Hey : ) NEW
by: Amy Kathleen

Hey Katie! I have a sister who loves Disney too (I love it too, but not to my sisters extent). Coincidentally, her name is Katie too. ; )
Haha, anyways. I'm excited to get to know you! -Amy Kathleen

Oct 11, 2016
Hey Katie!
by: Livy

Hey Katie!

So first of all, I got super excited as soon as I saw your mouse-ears shirt. Haha. Disney Forever! Disney is one of my secret (or maybe not so secret?) passions as well! <3

Looking forward to getting to know you better! <3

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