by Amy Kathleen
(Arizona, USA)

My name is Amy Kathleen and I am seventeen years old (turning eighteen in March). I love Jesus, writing, reading, coffee, and dreaming. I am homeschooled and just moved from my hometown (Minnesota) to Arizona. I am currently in a relationship with Jesus and I hope that will be the only relationship I am in until God's timing...though I find myself dreaming of my future husband more often than I like to admit. I love people, though I am a definite introvert.
I want to reach people through my writing the same way writing has reached me. I believe that God gifted me with the ability to write so that I can help other girls and teens struggling with the same things I have or am struggling with. That is my passion and my goal in this life.
You can check out my blog at whengivenapen.blogspot.com where I talk about God, my crazy life, and pretty much anything else I can think of.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Your Sister in Christ, Amy Kathleen

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