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Unlocking Your Purpose

Are you feeling unfulfilled? What if you could start living out your purpose?

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Trust Fall: Trusting in God and Falling into Him

Now, most always I’m thinking, “Trust? And fall? Oh, no. Please, no. I can’t trust, God, and I definitely can’t fall.”

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A Modest Maidens Wardrobe: JamieRose & Co. Edition

As a Christian woman, the struggle can be oh-so-real when it comes to finding modest, classy, affordable attire.

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Author Spotlight with Emily Hayse

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you Emily Hayse, aka, The Herosinger!

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Favorite Fall Fashion

Favorite Fall Fashion! Items every woman should add to her closet.

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Author of The Month, Sarah-Grace Grzy!

I'm pleased to introduce you all to Ms. Sarah-Grace Grzy, an author, designer, and fellow coffee addict!

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Jesus, Our Good Shepherd

I was homeless. But God had a plan.

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Top 12 Disney Channel Shows

“Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today! Create a master list of the top Disney Channel shows!”

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What If Prince Charming Never Shows Up?

When I was 19, I was worried constantly. I battled a massive, overwhelming fear that I’d never find anybody to marry.

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People Pleaser or God Pleaser?

Are you an approval addict? Do you live to please people, or please God?

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now more than ever,
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Are you a dreamer? 
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