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A Freedom Movement: Hollywood Starlets and Muslim Captives


What do famous Hollywood Starlets and Muslim women have in common? Far more than any of us might imagine.

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Hope in the Dark Media Tour


Sign up for our 'Hope in the Dark' Media Tour!

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A Simple Yes - Interview with Abby Johnson


Interview with Abby Johnson, CEO of the pro-life ministry "And Then There Were None".

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My friends have often dubbed me as, "The Idea Girl."

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Interview with COL1972!


COL1972 glorifies Christ and empowers His daughters by giving them a voice for the voiceless.

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The Power of Ideas


Everything we see in the world around us, was once nothing more than an idea.

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Follow Me - I Don't Know Where I'm Going!


How am I supposed to move forward in blind faith, when I don't know where I'm going?

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Dream Destroyers Part 2


Today we're going to be exploring 3 ways that Hook tries to shut down our God-given dreams!

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Dream Destroyers


Don't let the enemy discourage you as you encounter his attacks. The dream God has placed in you is worth fighting for!

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My 5 Step Plan to Neverland Part 2


Build your digital empire, grow your brand, and change the world!

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