Mind Blowing Grace & Love

by Livy
(The Palace)

These are some of my thoughts from Ephesians 3. Paul is talking about the grace that was given to him, to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ to the gentiles.
I had to ask, what am I doing that is beyond my own ability? What am I doing that relies on the resurrection power of Christ? If grace, the supernatural ability to do what I cannot do on my own, is right here with me, why am I still trying to do life by my own measure of human strength?
This grace (supernatural ability) was given to Paul to preach the UNSERACHABLE riches of Christ. Whew, He is so vast and unsearchable...so deep and high and wide and far, and multifaceted on so many millions of levels. But we have grace to get revelation glimpses of the UNSERACHABLE riches of Christ.
In order that the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the powers and principalities. What does that mean? Could it be that when we share our tidbits of revelation, we are preaching to angles? We read in 1 Peter 1:12 that these are things angles long to look into. They don't have the indwelling Holy Spirit living inside of them, guiding them into all truth..our lives probably teach them so much! This is all according to the eternal purpose which was established and accomplished in Christ. Because of the cross, we have boldness and access with CONFIDENCE. For this reason, Paul boldly asks the impossible, "Holy Spirit! Reveal Your love! Take what is the Father's and make it known to us, not just in head knowledge, but with some tangible experiential knowledge."
This whole earthly life is the classroom of God...if we take time to stop and listen, everything in life has the purpose of revealing His love. God desires that we will be able to comprehend to the fullest extent of our human capacity, the dementions of His love, so that we may be filled with ALL the FULLNESS of God. Um, that's crazy. How can we possibly be filled with ALL the FULLNESS of God? The math just doesn't add up! That's like pouring the ocean into a thimble. Exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think...(which means Paul's prayer wasn't even big enough, he asked a small thing!) and it shall be done according to the resurrection power of Christ that works in us! All to His glory!!! It is all done in the power of His Might!

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Dec 15, 2014
Praise Jesus!
by: Jessica

I have been having those same thoughts myself. The Holy Spirit really knows how to connect the spirits of the Children of God! We need to truly let go, and let God's spirit work within us for the glory, and purpose of the Lord. I know that the enemy will try to bring us down, because we choose to live for Christ; But with God we have the power to crush the enemy in Jesus Name!

P.S The victory is ours, and the future is bright!

- Jessica L.P

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