My Dreams :)

by Samantha Morgan

Myself and two dear friends from Hawaii :)

Myself and two dear friends from Hawaii :)

I didn't realize how big of a dreamer I am until now :P

In ten years I want to have a biomedical engineering degree and a full time job in Oahu, Hawaii, helping find cures and preventions for retroviruses. I want to be looking for a big house right about then so I can fulfill my real dream on the island: to be a home for the homeless and a mother to the orphan and neglected. I want to be helping them make something of themselves and follow what God has called them to be. I want to still be writing novels and articles and get published to help support myself. I would certainly prefer to be married, but God is leading me to be content with singlehood if He calls me to it.
I want to be real and genuine in my faith and my walk with God. I want me and my beliefs to be inseparable. I want to be the light that draws people to Jesus. I want to be living for my God alone, above reproach, a role model for the people I influence.
But most importantly, I want what God wants. He might never allow me to return to the island I love, that season might be over, but whatever He wills I will do diligently for His glory. Here, Oahu, or anywhere else, may His Name be praised because of my life.

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Sep 12, 2014
by: Livy

Ahh, Sam, I love your huge heart for Hawaii. I totally want to come visit when you have your house set up there!
This is the same thing I told the other girls (and will tell everyone who posts here, lol, it's just easier then sending out a group e-mail :)

I would encourage you to take your list, and go one step even further.
Grab a notebook, and copy down your list of dreams, then beside each dream, write down one practical action step that you can take toward seeing these things come to pass.

So for example, ask yourself, "Okay, what am I going to do to become the best possible author I can be?" That step might be working on your current novel, doing a blog post, thinking up ways/doing research on how to gain a following, or just free writing for fun. Getting a good following now, so that when it comes time to publish, you've got a huge audience.

Do this with every item on your list. If you can't think of something for a certain goal write PRAY next to it, and just bathe it in prayer.

When you're finished, you can spend the next weeks and months going over your list, doing the steps, as quickly or as slowly as you want...switching up the steps, and doing new things here and there, to pursue those goals.
You will be taking steps forward! And perhaps the most powerful thing is praying over these dreams everyday and speaking life over them! :)

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