My Introduction

by Bethany Smith




My name is Bethany and I am an (almost) 19 year old graduate of homeschool high school.
I have 6 siblings excluding myself (one older sister, three younger brothers and two younger sisters) and I live on a farm with my parents and siblings :)

I love writing :) I'm in the middle of writing several books in addition to writing a weekly blog and a quarterly e-magazine. I also love reading, which is probably where I get my love for writing. I also play piano and I love to spend an afternoon crafting with paper.

I'm so happy to be here!

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Oct 25, 2016
Hey : ) NEW
by: Amy Kathleen

Hey Bethany! I have 6 siblings too! I have an older brother, an older sister, a younger sister, and three younger brothers (who are under the age of six). We homeschool too and it can get pretty crazy around here. But I love it. <3
Anyways, I'm excited to get to know you! -Amy Kathleen

Oct 11, 2016
Hi Bethany!
by: Livy

Hi Bethany!

I know I already said this, but welcome! It is so wonderful to have you here. I am looking forward to getting to know you better! <3

Connecting with other young authors is always so refreshing, because it's great to relate with people who know that the struggle is real! Hahaha. I've been working on a fictional novel as well for several years now, and sometimes I feel like it's climbing a mountain. When will it end?! When will I reach the top and start climbing back down?! Haha.

Yay for homeschooling and scrapbooking! ;) Hehehe.

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