Noticing the Unnoticeable

by Danielle

So often we loose who we are because we are hiding. I love how you emphasized how important and princess-like we are in Gods eyes. This reminded me of the story about the girl subject to bleeding for 12 years (Mark 5) God noticed that power had gone from him and called her out. He didn't let her go unnoticed and that how God is with us, with whatever happens with u he doesn't let us go unnoticed, he recognizes our successes and failures. He is there to congratulate us and help us when we mess up.
I also love how you touched on seeing ourselves from Gods eyes and not the eyes of the world, and what the world sees as "beautiful." The world has a standard that is unreachable because it is fake and altered. I love when I can share with another girl how beautiful a girl is in Gods' eyes. I wish more girls could see that for themselves. I don't mind reminding people every day, so one day a girl can wake up and look in the mirror and see for themselves that God made them perfect and amazing in Gods' eyes.
Livy, I love your heart for what you do. You are so passionate about what you do and it is so inspiring to me.

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Sep 11, 2014
by: Livy

Wow, Danielle you are so right! The story of the women bleeding for all those years, has never really had that great of a significance to me. (I mean, yeah I know it's important cause it's in the Bible.) But you just framed it in a totally personal way, that we can relate to each of our lives. Thank you for sharing that! You have so much wisdom & bring a lot to this group! Thank you for sharing your heart. And thank you for the words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. :)

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