Priceless Princess - Acworth, GA, 
Saturday, May 10th, 2014

We were so excited to go visit Summit Baptist Church in Georgia! Two of our amazing writers, Samantha Morgan and Rachel Pruett, hosted this one day Crown of Beauty event. They did the decorating, meal planning, and coordinated the whole thing!   

We kicked off the party with some amazing worship time with BelleRae. 

These Girls Rock!

Check out BelleRae's official website, and be sure to give 'em the thumbs up on Facebook. ;) 
After worship, Ashley Rae (lead singer, guitar), shared her testimony and read the article she wrote in the Royalty Issue. Check out her amazing ministry, Passion for Purity on Twitter. 

We were super blessed to have Kenya-Nicole (from Becoming Esther Ministries) Skype in from California! 
Becoming Esther is an amazingly special sister ministry to Crown of Beauty, and though Kenya would have loved to be at this event, she is getting ready for a mission trip to the Philippines. Below is a photo from last time she was with us. 

Kenya-Nicole (Becoming Esther Ministries)

The girls had so much fun in fellowship, playing some girly princess games, girl-talk discussions about boys and modesty, and so much more! [Yeah, I think we had a little bit too much fun ;]  

It was such a blessing to be able to worship, share, and connect with everyone at Summit! 

Is Crown of Beauty Magazine Coming to YOUR Town?

Georgia was only the second of many stops for our Crown of Beauty Tour! Stay tuned to find out where we will be traveling next! :) 

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