Royalty is My Playing Field

by Sarah

Livy, thank you so much for sharing your heart and the message behind Crown of Beauty! It was so encouraging to listen to what you had to say, and be reminded that no matter how old I am I am still a princess. Growing up, I was constantly told I was a princess because the meaning of my name is "princess." So it was a constant thing and let me be honest and say after a while it gets old. Especially because I am not the most girly of girls; yes I wear make-up and do my hair and dress nicely, but glitter and sequins isn't always my thing. I am more of a nerd; I love video games and Star Wars. (It is what it is, lol!) Because of this, it was always hard for me to reconcile being a princess and being me. But over time, I have realized that I can be me and still be a princess because the God of the Universe named me and knew exactly how I was going to be.
Girly, nerdy, athletic...whatever your "label" is doesn't define your level of princess. Your video definitely reminded me of that. Every girl is a princess, no doubt about it, but more than that every girl is a UNIQUE princess. Our different interests and dreams will help us reach so many different people and it is all for the same goal: pointing others to know Christ.

Royalty really is my playing field.

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Sep 03, 2014
by: Livy

Sarah, I am RIGHT there with you.
I grew up in the church, so I've heard these things my whole life. "You're beautiful, you're royalty, you're loved..."
And honestly, sometimes it can get old.
But when I was fourteen I really decided that I was going to dive into God's Word, and let it come alive in my life. I didn't want it to feel stale, and I wanted these truths to be real to me.
Since then, learning about being a princess turned out to be completely different than I thought it would be.
I too was very much a tomboy (I used to play Star Wars with the boys on the playground! Hahaha, go Star Wars!) but I love how, like you said, there is no "perfect ideal" of what a princess should look or act like. We are all so unique, and reflect a special part of God's heart. Whether we love sparkles and princess dresses, or playing football in the mud...(or both ;)...we all have the same Heavenly Daddy! I love it!

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