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by Jaye

So my mind immediately went to doing a piece on missions in cities and in the streets. I went on a weekend trip to 'hang out with the homeless' as our leader called it. I was an amazing experience. So maybe something like: the homeless and you? Or reaching out - locally? Or tips for making a city missions worthwhile. I learned lots of amazing things about the homeless. Maybe even an info sheet? Like some statistics about homeless youth, bible verses, tips on how to help and how to approach. Getting over any fear and apprehension. As well as some websites for organizations to help if you feel called to do so. ? This idea is literally shouting at me right now! There are so many stereotypes about the homeless. As Christians we don't like to admit that we're wary of anyone. We like to say we love everyone, but many of us are 'scared' of approaching the homeless. What Christians don't realize, is that the homeless people know God more than we could ever know. NEVER expect to try to 'teach' them about God because they know Him! I met some amazing people on the streets and even went to a homeless church. I feel so called to go back. Maybe not for life but for a while. You don't need to travel far for missions when our own cities are crawling with people to help!

Sorry for the rant. I kindof just wrote while thinking and took you along my thought train!

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Sep 12, 2014
Yes Yes Yes!
by: Kate Mull

You should definitely do this! I think a new perspective on the homeless plus a stress and encouragement on finding missions fields in your own area, right where you are at, is AWESOME.


Sep 11, 2014
Go for it!
by: Ella

I live in my happy little homeschooler bubble.... so... *awkward laugh* what does God want me to do? There are other people to do that... RIGHT. I don't know what His calling is for me yet, but I know He wants me to make a splash.
Yes, write it!!

Sep 10, 2014
by: Samantha

Love this idea, Jaye! Let's do it :)

Sep 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Wow...your experienced is inspirational.....and you have some great Ideas :) God has touched your heart to reach out to others in an amazing way.



Sep 09, 2014
To Livy
by: Jaye

I know what you mean! It can be scary to step into your own communities because of all of the stereotypes surrounding the homeless! If you can be open minded, they can e the nicest people you meet! I met a man on the weekend trip who swore like a trucker, but was so kind. He shocked all of us! He had left his things to go look in a dumpster. My youth pastor said : hey man! You left your stuff! He just shrugged and said: if they take it, they must need it more than me. Wow. God is living in those people !

Sep 09, 2014
by: Livy

This idea is totally God-inspired. I love the idea of your whole article.
I have to admit and be totally honest...the idea of reaching out to the homeless in my own community, is not very appealing to me. There is a lot of fear attached to the thought of ministering on the streets.
Sure, we will go to a forin country and do ministry there, but don't ask us to go in our own back yard!
My pastor said something kinda shocking the other day. Missionaries are sent from OTHER countries, to work in our communities in the United States.
Uhh...what is wrong with that picture? We are obviously not loving our neighbor as ourselves & serving like Jesus would to those on the streets.
There is still a huge void.
Jaye, I love this idea...go for it! I wanna see where God will take you with it, as you run ahead! :)

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