The Truth of the Heart!

by Hannah Forwe
(Arkansas )


Your heart and desire to know and share the love of the Lord is such a beautiful encouraging thing! Thank you for sharing the heart of Crown of Beauty, but also your own heart and testimony of what the Lord has done and will do in your life!

You now want me to share my heart and well, I "Do everything from the Heart"(Colossians 3:23), or it would not be real genuine right? So I'm putting my Heart out there for everyone to see!
The message that was shared through lesson one was such a great reminder, at least it was for me! Sometimes we forget how valuable we are especially as girls because society is telling us to be something besides who we really are, Princesses!
The truth of the matter is that we are deceived by the lies of the Devil, every single day through society's idea of thinking. Those lies still even creep into my mind and make me feel like I'm not enough or that I need to be something I'm not, but I know that I am a daughter of an AH-mazing Father up above who only makes beautiful things and I don't have to be anything less that what I am, a Princesses!!
Even though I know I'm a Princesses and I know what has been done for me on the Cross, I can't just keep that to myself! I know that I have to be a light for those who still believe the lies, and let them know that they are enough and they are loved! For they are called to be Princesses!
Love in Christ!

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Sep 09, 2014
by: Livy

Thanks for sharing your heart. It's so good to be able to encourage and remind one another of the truth!
We all have hard days, that's why it's so powerful when our sisters can stand with us, and encourage us!
Thanks for being here for your sisters. :)

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