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These princesses are getting down and dirty to serve the Lord! In this issue, we trade our tiaras and glass slippers in for messy buns and combat boots!

We are so excited for you to hear these amazing stories about girls who are making a difference in India, Africa, the Philippines, and even their own neighborhoods! 

Take a quirky quiz to discover where YOUR unique mission field is. Read about a girl who abandoned heart-restricting religion: Islam...and entered into a life giving relationship with Jesus Christ! Pick up some nifty social media tips, advice on how to mentor and influence your "little sisters", find the courage to "Start Something", and so much more! 

Featuring fun interviews with Matthew West, and Colton Dixon! 

letter from the editor:
Shattering My Teacup of Comfort

Comfort. It's such a sweet word. Our toes tingle, and hearts sigh just at the mention of it. I adore comfort. There's nothing like putting on my favorite fuzzy socks, warming my fingers with a cup of tea, and cuddling up with my laptop on the sofa. Certain sounds, sights, and smells release the power of sweet nostalgia, and quickly usher me into a state of pure bliss. Homemade bread, baking in the oven. The white background noise of Monday Night Football. Raindrops gently dancing on my rooftop.

Cushioned pews at church. Taco night. The inexpressible joys of discovering treasures on Pinterest.    

Ahh, this life is so comfortable.  

Every once in a while my creamy, Marshmallowy coffee cup of life is bombarded by a foreign endeavor. 

I gasp in sheer horror, as pain and discomfort attempt to mess up the soundtrack of my perfect little life. 

The Wifi connection drops. My texts won't go through! I can't use the internet for days. The electricity goes out. I can no longer watch reruns of Boy Meets World. The microwave oven blows up. No more insta-popcorn. Church runs a little bit too long, and my stomach is growling. I'm crabby because there's “no food in the house!” I complain about the annoying chick at work, who doesn't seem to like Christians. I don't want to lift weights, because my tiny little arms will hurt soooo badly afterwords. Don't ask me to spend my Tuesday evening at the local outreach center, feeding the homeless....because, well....I'm going to miss the next episode of 19 Kids and Counting. Does God really want me to spend my birthday money to feed those who are starving in another country? What about that expensive new pair of boots that I want?!

If any of these scenarios above sound familiar, you've probably Tweeted about them, then added the hashtag #FirstWorldProbs. 

You guys, let's be real. We are such wimps. 

(Now before you toss this issue out the window and gasp in offense, “Did she just call me a wimp?!” allow me to explain.) 

Let me tell you a little story. 

One day, as I was skipping through the grassy fields of my sugar-sweet life, I saw an image that didn't sit well with me. It was so graphically horrific that I literally felt sick to my stomach. There, blinking on the computer screen in front of my eyes, lay the picture of a little girl who was freshly beheaded. 

I did a double take, my eyes struggling to process the staggering sight. She couldn't have been any older than four or five. Her sweet little stocking-footed toes lay lifeless, and the little girl in her dress looked as if she should be out playing imaginary games with her dolls. But she wasn't. Because she had no head. Yes, there was blood. And yes, I felt a little queasy...but the most powerful emotion ruling in my heart at that moment, was absolute outrage. 


Because I wasn't leafing through a history book. This wasn't something that took place years ago. 

No my sisters, this was just last week. Photograph after photograph spoke of the bloody atrocity...Christians in Iraq and Syria are being systematically hunted down, and murdered. Men are being crucified, and women are watching their children die before their very eyes. Simply because they won't succumb to the fear and deny that Jesus Christ is Lord. 

Talk about an uncomfortable situation. 

Why do I get so frustrated when my cell phone charger won't work? Why do I find myself whimpering and complaining every time I face a challenging situation? 

My dear sisters, the Lord Jesus is calling out to us. He desires to shake us and awaken us. We are living in a hazy dream world, stumbling around, subscribing to the culture around us. We obsess over makeup, bad hair days, Hollywood celebrities, and the latest gossip at school...meanwhile our brothers and sisters in Christ are being murdered for the same faith that we profess in total freedom and safety. 

Isaiah 51:2 says, 

“Awake, awake O Zion! Clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor...” 

Can you hear the rumblings of His Spirit inside of you? Can you hear the whisper of His heartbeat? He is calling you to arise! What is it that He desires to express through your life, and let His message roar out of you like an unstoppable lion? Jesus said, “That which is whispered in your ear, proclaim itfrom the rooftops.” [Matthew 10:27]. What is it that God has been speaking to your soul? What does He desire to awaken you to? 

As God's chosen generation [1 Peter 2:9], He is calling us to clothe ourselves with strength! 

I cannot afford for my faith to be a soft and squeezable plush toy. I must rise as the Queen He has called me to be [Esther 4:14] and allow Him to strengthen every last inch of my heart! 

What if persecution like this comes to the United States? What if famine, or severe hunger strikes? 

Will my faith hold up then? Who will my unshakable and unwavable trust be built upon then? 

We cannot be casual about our relationships with Jesus. Casual Christianity is not what God requires of us. He says, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” [Matthew 16:27]

Princess, you are called to be a brave and fearless warrior for the Kingdom of Heaven. God did not save you to hide you in a tower of luxury and comfort, then stand back and say, “There! Now stay inside your soft little bubble, and don't let the devil getcha!” 

While it is true that you may have been tucked away for a season of time in your life, to undergo required training and important princess lessons...but the time for sitting around is no more. 

Little Miss Muffet needs to get up off her tuffet! 

Within these pages, you will meet many princess warriors who have stepped out of their comfy surroundings and embarked on a most frightful, yet glorious mission. You will meet young women [and men] who are lifting up their swords, and letting out a battle cry. Just like Queen Susan from the Chronicles of Narnia, we have been chosen to march into the enemy's camp, to bring freedom to the captives. 

In the previous issue, the Dreamers Issue, it was our prayer to inspire you and let your heart soar as high and as far as it could. God's Kingdom is full of daydreamers. We have such amazing visions that God has planted inside of our hearts. But quite often, He is waiting on us to make the first move, in order to see these drems become a reality on the earth.  

The Mission Issue is all about mobilizing you. The call to action has been clearly proclaimed...but it is high time that we rise up and do something about it! 

It is my prayer that by the time you reach the end of this issue (hey, maybe even by the time you finish reading this article!) your heart will be so stirred by God's Holy Spirit, that a fiery resolve of steel will be set in your soul. My prayer is that you set your heart like flint, and run passionately after the Lord, seeking Him like you never have before. He is calling us to be radical. He is calling us to go to the ends of the earth and proclaim His name. He is calling each of us to a totally unique, one of a kind mission field. It is your responsibility to tend to that field, plant seeds, and bring in the harvest when it sprouts up! 

The Lord desires to do SO much on this earth before the final curtain call, when He returns for His Bride, the Church...but He needs us to move! 

I try not to frown when Christians say things like, “Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are poor, dirty, and hungry kids starving to death everyday? Why is there human trafficking? Why is Hollywood so messed up? Why are there school shootings? Why is there so much bullying?”

We pray, and beg, and ask God to change these things...yet we fail to realize that He has put us on this earth so that we can change them. He has given us everything we need. The tools, the armor, the Sword of the Spirit [His Holy Word], and the supernatural empowerment of His Holy Spirit living in us. 

What more could a girl ask for?! Isn't it time that we dive into the amazing painting that God is creating, rather than sit around and wait to see how the picture is going to turn out? 

You are a brush stroke in His hand....surrender to what the Master Artist wants to use you to create! 

If you feel like you're not exactly sure where your Mission Field is, or know what God has called you to do on this earth... that's okay! This issue is loaded with ideas! You don't need to wait for the perfect thing to fall out of Heaven and hit you on the head. Just pick something! If you like one of the ideas that you read about in this issue...go for it! Be faithful with the little, and He will guide you into all truth. He will show you, in time, where exactly it is that He wants you to be. He promises to guide your steps. But you have to start walking in a general direction before He can guide you! I promise that there is absolutely something that you can do to change this world. Don't be left on the sidelines. The moment you've been waiting for all your's here. It's right now. Your moment of opportunity is today. Not tomorrow, not when you graduate High School, not when you get married. The hour has arrived. Our time is now.

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