This Heart of Mine

by Chelsey Bailey
(Seneca, South Carolina)

Hey Sisters,

It's great to be writing to you all again!

Livy, I so enjoyed listening to your testimony and soaking in all of the scripture and sweet encouragement you provided for us in your videos. It makes my heart happy that The Lord is the center of your heart as well as the center and purpose of this magazine. So, thank you, Livy, for that and thank you, Lord, for touching and healing Livy's heart in the awesome way that You have over the years.

Now the time has come to share MY heart.

When I think about what is in my heart, I think of Jesus. I think of my family. I think of my boyfriend. I think of my friends. I even think of my animals.
However, instead of sharing all of the mushy gushy things that make my heart full, I am going to share the things that break my heart.

"Break my heart for what breaks Yours" -Hillsong United, Hosanna lyrics

These lyrics speak to me. These lyrics make my heart long to know Jesus' heart even more. We were made in His image and we have pieces of His mind and His heart within us, so shouldn't we think what He thinks and feel what He feels?
Because whatever would break Jesus' heart, should break my heart, too, right?

WE as Children of God are the hands and feet of The Lord. That means that we are to move with our feet wherever Jesus wants us to go. It means that we are to serve with our hands whatever and whomever Jesus needs us to serve. Don't get me wrong, Jesus is more than capable of doing all of these things on His own, but as His children, we are called to do His great works in our time on earth to help spread the gospel. Being the hands and feet of Jesus can lead us to some unforeseen people and places. People and places that break Jesus' heart because He loves them so much, but they do not have Him in their hearts yet. Where His word needs to be shared. That is where we come in. Jesus leads us to people and places that NEED His light and love. He gives us an opportunity to have our hearts break for these people and places and allows us the chance to exalt The Lord in all of His glory for these people and places to see.

I believe what breaks Jesus' heart is when all of His sweet children that He made by hand choose to not know and follow Him.

This is what breaks my heart, as well; when people do not know our Heavenly Father, by whom they are created and made alive.

My heart breaks when I see mockery of our Savior who gave His LIFE for US.
My heart breaks when I hear people declare that God isn't real.
My heart breaks when I am emotionally attacked by Satan because I know that I am not his only victim and if he can convince me that I am worthless, I can only imagine how he makes other girls who are living their lives apart from Jesus feel.

My heart cries out for those who live their lives apart from our Father because there is NOTHING greater in life than knowing you are loved, special, perfect, and cared for by The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

My mission in life is to help others come to The Lord and feel the unconditional love that He offers to us.
Crown of Beauty is a great outlet to be able to do so.

That is my heart(break).

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Sep 05, 2014
by: Samantha M.

Girl, you rock :)
This little piece of you really inspires me. I've sung the exact same lyrics a dozen times, but have I really stopped and thought about what I was saying? We need your light here! Please continue doling out your nuggets of wisdom in this place :)

Sep 04, 2014
by: Livy

Oh my. Chelsea, that was so breathatkingly beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your heart[break.]
I feel SO blessed that you are going to be writing for this magazine!!!

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