Two Versions of the Three Princesses

by Kate Mull
(Winona Lake, IN, USA)

First Draft:
The smiles on the three princess' faces could not have been bigger or brighter than on that beautiful sunny spring day. On their way to to the palace to hang out with all "the girls," Merida, Jasmine, and Elsa were in the cheeriest of moods.

Not able to help herself, Elsa surrounded them with spinning, swirling snowflakes. This always provided plenty of laughter, especially with Merida around. On account of her hair and her spirit, Merida emanated a fierce fire. Jasmine just enjoyed the colorful atmosphere. She loved to see people's differences compliment each other.

I didn't use the rest of the little tip we were given... I just used the picture. Honestly I just didn't feel like it, so judge me if you want, but I'm gonna go to bed haha

Second (based on picture):
Belle's dress glittered in the sun like the pot of gold that you find at the end of a rainbow. On her left, a better match probably could not have been made than the perfect combination of Ariel's deep brick red hair and her beautiful light blue dress. On her right was Aurora, pretty in pink with her golden crown sitting atop her head like the cherry on an ice cream sundae.

The flowers were bright and the sun was brilliant! These princesses were taking a lovely stroll through Disneyland after lunch. They loved these walks because they got to spend time together, meet new people, and enjoy the sunshine.

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